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Thread: They Have Mossberg 590A1 SPX's in stock

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anikin67 View Post
    Does yours have the picatinny rail and LPA sights?
    Front sight is a bright orange band, with peep site in the rear. Its the 590a1 Special purpose model. 99% identical to the bayo model from what I can see. Look for yourself on their website. (edit: NVM they changed their website...it sucks can't find it anymore.)

    I guess the question is, does a rail on a shotgun (it is a shotgun afterall), and bayo merit $300? I'm going to say no.

    Pretty huge upsell for a little bit of "cool" factor.

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    I bought the metal trigger and safety from Brownells for 90$....
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    Quote Originally Posted by cgnnut View Post
    I got a 590a1 with exactly that. Metal everything, ghost ring sites, heavy wall barrel, all except bayo for $429 about 6 months ago. Saw the SPX at the time of purchase, and said the same thing I'm saying now. That is one expensive bayonet.
    Damn! That's a great price! Was that new or used?

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    Ordered! Can wait to get my first shotty
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    Just ordered mine, also my first shotty! Super pumped pardon the pun.

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    $750 is right around the MSRP from Mossberg http://www.mossberg.com/products/sho...pecial-purpose i cant seem to find the same gun as Wanstalls is selling i think ill order one.

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    $750 is higher than it should be.....Mossbergs are always sold under MSRP....but are you going to wait and see if you can save $30 - 50 somewhere else?

    They have them and no one else does. They show up here and there.

    It is up to you if you want to wait until they show up again....somewhere....at sometime....maybe for less.

    I bought one for $709. I liked it. Kinda Heavy.

    But really cool

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vandal76 View Post
    I don't get it? my 500 Tactical Tri Rail has same sights, holds 8, pistol grip, adjustable stock, 5 shell holder on the butt. Is the bayonet worth the additional $300 in price??
    A pistol grip on a 590a1 is about as enjoyable as a root canal...

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    Do you have in, or can you get in the 590A1 with the pistol grip and collapsable stock? Specifically the model 53693?

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    Gentlemen, what about the 590a1 Blackwater series. Same firearm really. Yes it has a branded name to sell them, but if you compare them in the mossberg catalog I think the Blackwater has more of the fun factor. Consider the tri-rail forend for lights, handles and other fun stuff as well as the shell storage in the stock. The sights are I think the xs ghost ring / AR style config. In my opinion the mossy super shotty.

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