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Thread: PAL Wait Time

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    Hope this helps anyone (AB):

    License Application: received March 31st 2022 via registered mail.
    CC Charged: June 28th.
    Had to call in to verify additional information on July 5th; pushed into photo scanning queue.
    July 18th: Your application has been processed and your license has been issued.

    NR to R. No boxes no references called. AB CFO seems pretty good about pushing licenses through once they make it past the photo-scanning queue. I called in probably 2x a week on the 1800 number to check my status from date of CC charge (menu options 152).


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    0 got approved in so short time.

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    Just checked - again - still waiting - since March 24

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    Manitoba PAL
    Signed up for CFSC Dec 2019
    Course March 28 2020 postponed
    Feb 12 2022 CFSC completed
    Feb 25 2022 forms mailed
    March 3 2022 forms received
    May 31 2022 initial review completed & CC charged
    June 24 Approved and license mailed out- 2 weeks.
    Called CFO July 12 still waiting to be printed.
    July 18 Card arrived (Issued on July 12 *the day I called??)
    No provided references were contacted.
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    Took several days trying multiple times before giving up. To call the No and get past the message saying they were sorry they were unable to answer.
    After about 6 attempts today, I got to be on hold. For about an hour.
    It apparently takes a several weeks to get round to checking the return mail to there question.
    The lady was quite nice and updated my information into the system. Today now I can log in.

    Status is now initial review completed. As of today Jul 19.
    Advised to call back in about 4 to 6 weeks.
    My letter still hasnít been opened but at least the information requested has been updated.
    Next it goes for a review by a firearms officer.
    If they are happy
    Then sent to CFO for BC.

    So a while yet.
    I suppose I should be happy there is some progress.

    Received March 28
    Request for information sent June 23
    Mailed back 6th July.
    Phoned and finally got through today.
    Initial review completed today July 19.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rainbird View Post
    I've been waiting since Dec. 6
    PAL or RPAL?
    Which province?
    I've been waiting since Jan 🙃

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    Quote Originally Posted by Browning stalker View Post
    My application was received by March 7
    CC at June 01
    But still waiting for approval. 50 dayís already!
    It is obvious delay compare with before. Have anybody have similar timeline with me and still not been approved?
    Mine was received march 7, CC charged june 01, Approved June 27, received card in mail july 18

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    A lil late to the party:

    Ontario, PAL/RPAL. No references called. I called 2-3 times throughout the course of the application just to ensure the application was moving.

    February 6, 2022: Completed CFSC and CRFSC
    March 1, 2022: Received results from FSESO
    March 2, 2022: Sent in PAL/RPAL Application to RCMP
    March 7, 2022: Application delivered via Canada Post
    June 1, 2022: Credit Card Charged
    June 30, 2022: License Issued
    July 13, 2022: License Mailed
    July 19, 2022: License Received

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    Quote Originally Posted by LBissch View Post
    PAL or RPAL?
    Which province?
    I've been waiting since Jan ��
    PAL, and Alberta. I was hoping I'd get a chance todick around this summer but at this rate...

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    application received - 25 apr
    card charged - 23 july
    NR from Ontario
    I made a account with rcmp but I still cant check the status of the file. It says error when I enter my information to fetch the data.
    please if any one knows what to o next.

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