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Thread: PAL Wait Time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big-boss-man View Post
    "Travel" places -like an ama or some such-

    there are quite a few places that do passport photos, you just need to tell them it is for a PAL cause the sizes are a little different.
    Yes, we did Walmart for my wife, that worked well. I am usually a cheapskate but reading from many responses here, once your picture has even a little mistake, it delays the process by many months.


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    Just tossing my two cents in the ring here. I completed my non restricted course last year, first weekend of October. I got my paperwork back fairly quickly and sent it off to be processed. Fast forward to early June of this year, I finally saw a status update on the website, stating they'd recieved my application June 4th. I'm guessing my application got lost in the shuffle at the post office. Needless to say, once that update happened, it was about 2 weeks until the website showed approved.

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