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Thread: Pics of The High Vis Fills

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    Pics of The High Vis Fills

    Here are some pics of the fills in use at varying distances. They seem to really Pop(visually).

    Thanks to Aniest a Fellow CGN'r for submitting the photos

    The circles are 5", peel and stick. We originally intended them for use as a fill for the COM on our targets. Some folks have found use for them as is, for practicing for steel plate matches.

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    Photos are from Canada Target's CGN "Faceless" and "Target Dots" combined special that they had months ago (hope you do similar again).

    I just want to say, for the record, that from that position in photo #3 (300m 4x) the 5" circle is under the vertical hair just above the horizontal hair. The photo doesn't do it justice: the target dot snaps right out at you in the scope a lot better than shown.

    As I noted in the email to Canada Targets: I had no camera adapters, no camera tri-pod and was fighting with neither manual or auto focus not working perfectly.

    When I get to running the "Faceless" at 300m with the 4x scope I'll try to get a couple of more photos to work.
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