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Thread: Calgary Shooting Centre BROKEN INTO !!! Oct10/11 - 2012

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    Quote Originally Posted by Semi12 View Post
    what are calgary police doing, traffic cams everywhere, i wanna see some charges, dont tell me they cant fig out who was in the area and start checking plates, interviewing people... leg work !
    There at tims right now. The timbits and double double, aren't going to get them selves.

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    Ok well I thought I'd just toss in a thought or two, but ignore if you feel like it!

    First things first, theft should never happen. It's a crime, and the people that did this are probably scum, that sell to armed robbers/hoodlum wannabes/etc. So I want to say that I understand that part.

    Secondly, Doesn't matter now (speculations/ideas), it all means nothing now. The guns are gone, and I REALLY hope they are recovered (maybe someone stored them all in one spot- that would be lucky).

    I also understand that the manner in which they stole the guns, well... there was little that could be done there. Their security was up to standards I assume, but the thieves just went a little higher up (as mentioned before, few things are truly impenetrable in a situation like this).

    The one thing that I DO think I agree with, that was a bit controversial ... the guns display cases/etc, should be empty. it is VERY tempting to have all those guns in cases, ready for the smash and grab tactic, like a jewelry store. I like what was said about not having items out in the open (so to speak), but rather in a vault. I know its a tedious extra step, but it's a good one. Just because the firearms were stored legally does not mean it was a good method of storing them, right? (sort of like "it is legal for you to leave a chainsaw on your deck unattended, but not too bright if you have kids around" logic - that's a very bad example, but you get the point hopefully)

    One thought; To know that guns are laying around in cases like that requires knowledge of the inside of the store. Chances are that one of the thieves/the thieves had visited the store beforehand to get a good idea of the layout/what is available.

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    Update - three people have been charged, two in custody and one being sought by police.


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    Quote Originally Posted by billy_mahoney View Post
    Update - three people have been charged, two in custody and one being sought by police.

    Good news..

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    We would like to very publicly state that the detectives of the Calgary Police Service were amazing. It is great to see this episode finally coming to an end and we really hope that the courts get it right this time and keep these scumbags behind bars. Apparently Rodrigues was out all of one week before this escapade.
    Thanks again to our customers and members who helped us through the dark days.
    Calgary Shooting Centre

    For orders, please visit our online store or email us at: orders@theshootingcentre.com

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    Thats really good to here, lets hope that they get the 10yrs in jail thats mandated not just 18 months.
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    What a nightmare... Looks like Cole Trahan's still logging into Facebook regularly, even though he's being pursued by the police...


    Glad the other two are going to get what they deserve.

    Hats off to Calgary's finest.


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    Good to hear!!!

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    Would be nice if they could put the squeeze on this bunch in such a way that another 30 or so get charged in relation to the remaining 30 handguns.

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