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Thread: Prophet River Rocks!

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    Prophet River Rocks!

    I finally decided to purchase a gun I have been drooling over for a long time. I had been reading about the XDM for a while and decided to get serious. This was my first restricted purchase but Clay guided me through and took care of everything.

    Clay was VERY patient with me and my ignorance in the process. He answered all my questions very fast via e-mail.

    Long story short, I picked the XDM up at the post office today and unwrapped it. BEAUTIFUL.

    I want to thank Clay for the patience!

    Great Service!
    Great Price! $150 lower than anywhere else I could find in Canada. I looked at importing it myself and the cost would have been the same, but I'd have the headache of the import process.
    Fast shipping!

    Will definitely be looking to them first for my next purchase!

    Thanks again! :D

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    I will agree on the service. Bought two stock guns, couple months apart, had each the next day, Canada Post priority. Instant gratification.

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    Could we not put this in the thread where we heap praise upon Prophet River. Why start another?

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    ya Prophet River is great and so is Clay.i bought a pistol of them a few weeks ago. Great folks to deal with, no "bs" and they price matched. i'll be dealing with them again.

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