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Thread: Thumbs down to Marstar

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    Shipping would be my only concern, I like the place it's a real candy store, if they have what I want I'll buy it. However, I have never encountered higher shipping prices. I ordered a Tokarev firing pin and was charged 15$ shipping. It came in a regular envelope with a regular postage stamp on it... I ordered the same part from Tradeex, came in the same type of envelope with the same stamp, was not charged for shipping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IMR4320 View Post
    So a few weeks ago I have ordered iron sights for one of my rifles, the order for processed in timely matter, shipping a bit overcharged but whatever, then I installed the sights onto my rifle only to learn the height does not match and one of them has to go and be replaced with correct height. I contacted Marstar's customer service for correction and was completely ignored. This was my second purchase from them and I know there will NOT be a third one. I must point out the sights were for a straight picatinny platform and no rocket science was necessary to match up proper sights.
    Picatinny rails are standardized for width...they can be installed on firearms with widely varying front sight heights.Is it not unreasonable to expect Marstar to judge which sight you need from 3000 km away without having seen your rifle?
    If it wasn't misdescribed in their on=-line catalogue I don't understand why you think this was their mistake.
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    Never been able to make a sale with them myself.

    Site is always outdated and everything seems to be out of stock and email replies take over a month every time I've tried and many times I've gotten no reply at all...........

    I guess they stay in business through their government sales??

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    Quote Originally Posted by mhowarth View Post
    Thumbs up for Marstar. If you have a problem, John will make it right.
    Really ?
    Problem is they don't seem to be in the forefront of offering new & unusual items for Canadian gun enthusiasts like they used too.
    They have been overshadowed by the majority of newer dealers that seem to be able to bring in stuff like they once did .
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    shipping cost is the only thing stopping me from dealing with them again. ordered a couple of stripper clips for my mosin and it damn well cost me 15$ to have them shipped.
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    My experience with Marstar was mediocre, considering all my other experiences with CGN retailers were fantastic its unlikely I will shop with them again.

    I bought a gun while being explicitly told the spare mags would be in within a month, long story short they never came in first or last.

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    I was curious about them as I was looking for some brass and was wondering if their once fired stuff was any good for 45 acp and 357mag. Anyone have any experience with the above mentioned items?

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    I'v have purchaced a good amount of ammo,guns and parts from them and never had one issue, staff is exelent and if you speak to them like a normal person and tell them exactly what you want there won't be any problems and that goes for any of suppliers on CGN. Little tip before I give my CC to any store that is shipping anything to me why don't you ask of the total with shipping cost.

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    I have made 2 purchases from them and customer service was A+.
    Try sending John a pm he is a great guy and will probably get back to you within 24 hours with a solution.

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