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Thread: Frontier Firearms Review

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    I just took my restricted firearms course 2 months ago and was told that if it comes in the mail and you pick it up at the post office, you don't need a STATT unless you open the package.

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    They have a very good selection, knowlegable staff and prompt service.

    Everything I want in a gun store.

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    I was told yesterday by the CFO for Nova Scotia, that if I pick it up at the Post office, i need a STATT. I think however they would have a tough time enforcing that. Actually I think they could never enforce it, but it is really easy to get a STATT, just call them and it is issued same day, so when my parcel comes in from Frontier, I will go by the book and get a STATT.

    My experience with Frontier has been pretty decent. Nice people on the phone. So far so good, I just wish my GSG 22 would get here soon I can't wait to try it out.

    I bought it from Frontier because they were recommended by a user on this forum, so keep up the great service Frontier

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    if you do not get a STAT, you have committed an offence, that can be verified by the rcmp. not smart. as for the" i did not know what is in the package" excuse, you have a restricted firearm coming it is you responsibility to know when it arrives, and to get a STAT. take the 5 mins it takes to call for a STAT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by largeborewhore View Post
    Ahh gotta love our government on gun control.....

    the law (as i understand it) is that you do in fact require a short term transport for pick up from the post office to take home. however like mentioned the reality is it is technically like any other parcel, you could have thought it was your kids christmas gift..... by the time you figure it out, you are home and why would you call the RCMP at that point.

    we should keep this our little secret so the feds don't tighten up and take even more rights away from us.....

    Friendly lady at the CFC told me I didnt need a STATT to pick up a package at the post office, as long as I didnt open it until after I got home. Coincidentally, it was a restricted that I had bought from Frontier a few years ago.

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    This is one of my favourite places to shop. I trust the shop and don't mind making a call. I usually try to buy local but this is my first store to shop online.

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    Quote Originally Posted by s3xspert11 View Post
    I ordered from them a few months back called friday at 9am edmonton time, my gun was at my door that following monday. super fast, great to deal with A+
    Goes for me too, very fast shipping and zero issues.

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    Ditto on the above. I purchase my first rifle from them and it was an excellent experience from start to finish. Very classy website too.

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    have been a customer of Frontiers for a while now since back when they were Frontier Taxidermy, have ordered 4 firearms from them and several other misc odds and ends. never have had a problem and ive been more then satisfied with every purchase ive made. Great company with A+ service and good pricing

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    Quote Originally Posted by cadgo View Post
    Why would you need an STATT to pick it up from the post office either?

    You don't know what is in the package, you are just picking up your mail.

    Drug dealer in my town got arrested at the post office with a parcel full of drugs and got off because it was unopened and thus he had no idea of what was inside...
    Now replace drug with gun and imagine the outcome.
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