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Thread: Very happy with Jo Brook firearms!!!

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    Very happy with Jo Brook firearms!!!

    Just like to say that I was very impressed with Jo Brook. My wife, brother and I made the trip to brandon for the gun show this weekend and we also planned to check out Jo Brook. The staff there were very helpful and took the time to show my wife various scopes for her marlin 795. My brother and I ended up buying Sks's and a ton of ammo! Anyhow, thanks again Jo Brook, wish I lived closer to Brandon as I would shop there all the time.

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    I also stopped by Jo brook's gun shop while I was in town for the gun show
    I did not find the firearms I was looking for so I just picked up some ammo for my mosin
    Great store Wish we had one like that in winnipeg

    Great store will go back next year while im at the gun show
    Only problem about the store is Way to many shelfs Lol No room for customers to walk its single file only in there


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