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Thread: Crash Test - Axis - THE FUN BEGINS

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    Hey Jerry, you should try the same test with the lower grade axis, not the stevens and see what happens............Thanks and great vids

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    I think you should review the tests again cause I DID use an Axis/edge.


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    Crash Test - Axis - THE FUN BEGINS

    Any further developments with the axis Jerry?
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    I think it is best summed up with this:

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    DELETE lol
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    Thanks for an interesting read. I bought my Savage after your tests were done but before I read them.

    To date my Savage in. 223 has performed perfectly. It's a consistent 1/2 MOA rifle with a large variety of loads. Everything functions smoothly and sharply. My trigger is clean with no creep and a perfect break out of the box. My bolt is silky smooth under all conditions.

    I've owned several bolt rifles over the years and am long past the point of drooling over the grain of a stock or jewelling of a bolt. Pretty is a nice thing in a rifle but no amount of pretty can increase the accuracy. Only solid engineering and manufacturing can do that. Considering my Savage was <$400 it's inexpensive enough for a truck rifle but almost too nice for that role.

    My Savage is the only rifle I've ever bought that has impressed me so much for the price that I'm considering a second one in a caliber I shoot SA rifles exclusively just because the Savage is so much damn fun.

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