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Thread: Your shop made the paper

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    I pray nobody has their family or home threatened by an intruder. But fact is armed bad guys are armed, and they pose a much smaller threat if the home they enter, or the person they attack, is armed too. I would be interested in learning more about the threat liberals feel from responsible gun owners. And how such a fear of responsible gun owners translates into the argument that responsible gun owners should be banned from owning guns. Because, to be blunt, the 'bad guys' don't have gun licenses, or licensed firearms.... And gun owners like myself believe in the right to own guns, and defend our lives with a gun, if needed.... For goodness sake, holding up a piece of paper to a bad guy that says it is illegal for him to assault my home and family isn't going to do me any good.
    "We dream about the future. We memorize the past, when just a simple reaching out could build a bridge that lasts." - David Crosby
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    Quote Originally Posted by YouAreInOilCountry View Post
    For goodness sake, holding up a piece of paper to a bad guy that says it is illegal for him to assault my home and family isn't going to do me any good.
    I second that....lol

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    "This is exactly what I noticed in the article. Lots of miss information and half truths"

    A perfect example of what the media refers to as literary license, or personal presentation of what they see as the facts

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    Quote Originally Posted by haha49 View Post
    I sent a letter explaining that a moose gun packs way more punch and some shooters are disabled and unable to shoot another style of rifle due to hand or shoulder injurys or are blind and tend to point the barrel up instead of straight.

    I also told them that dummy suppresors converted is harder then making one from scratch and send a youtube link to her to prove how easy it's to make and it explains how it works why it works and what happens. (it even explains how it can protect your hearing)

    I also sent a video on cowboy action shooting showing that somoene with a 12 ga break action shotgun can really shoot fast even faster then some people with a semi auto.

    I also sent a link showing how much the money gun registrey cost and is now saving which could be used in treating people with mental health issuses.

    I also sent her links to storys were a person was saved by a firearm from wildlife.

    If that doesn't make them think I don't know what will.

    I also told her my Grandfather who was a WW2 and Korean war vet told me first hand what the holicost was like when he went into 1 of the camps and saw it. He also explained how only free countrys you can own firearms and if the country ever takes them away you should run away fast.
    So how she knows there are much more dangerous guns out there, silencers are easy to make and the knowledge is out there even on YouTube so now any gun can be silenced for easier killing of people, now even shotguns should be banned because they can be shot fast, and now that they know how much it costs, they should get rid of all guns then it'll be a total savings, well if people stayed in their downtown appartments then they shouldn't be in the way of wild life needing to protect themselves killing an innocent animal looking for a meal.

    I have the same argument with my sister all the time... law enforcement are the only ones that should have guns
    If you know how many guns you have... you don't have enough

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