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Thread: Problem with Marstar

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    "I am contacting you in regards to the BD-44 rifle that is to be shipped to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Technology Branch for evaluation."
    Since you have chosen to put ths in a public forum I will reply here....

    "On of September 6th 2012, The BATF approved my form 6 for the import of the modified BD-44 to the Technology Branch for evaluation"
    The Form-6 DID NOT cover the requested welding, we advised you of this....

    ". Since then I have been unable to get any explanation on the reason for this delay or explanation to what exactly is the problem."
    1) You requested changes to the firearm NOT covered by your Form-6, you then wanted another FFL to import it for you, that is NOT covered on your Form-6

    "I do not understand why no one is willing to be forthcoming about this issue or willing to discuss the situation with me at all."
    As explained time and time again, your Form-6 does NOT cover what you requested.... It is as simple as that.

    " if you could please inform me of the cause of this delay and when I can expect the rifle to be shipped to the BATF, thank you "
    I think we have covered this several times, no matter how you insist or were you choose to post we will NOT break the law.... Perhaps you can find someone who will ? That it is your priviledge.

    Lets consider this file closed.

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    Posting that letter on a public forum is a real classy way to do business. That's how they do it in Texas.

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    Posting a letter like that on a public forum is like school on sunday; no class...............

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    Oh boy! game on...hang on, let me get some, this is gonna be good.

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    John reminds me of rooster cogburn from true grit as well as John Wayne himself. Meaning he's always getting pooped on but he never hides from responding. Never. He is very blunt and well frankly always right. People don't understand( as I didn't at one time) that he is one of if not the biggest movers and shakers in the firearms industry in Canada. John I am awarding you the John Wayne firearms award for the dealer with the most grit. ( that's a good thing) ( also can I be first on the list for norinco jw25a) thanks
    Practice makes you perfect, it also makes you broke!

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    watsa a BD-44?

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    tick...tick...tick... only a matter of time for this thread to be locked
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    Perhaps not the best method, but it was his letter he chose to share with everyone, and his name, so in theory he is classier than all the rest of us who just complain with fake names and hide behind our computers. It's a shame he felt the need to post it here but he got his answer didn't he?

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    Thank you I have emailed you in concern and called several times trying to get some answers over the past month and I have been unable to. I spoke with the ATF about the welding modification and they told me to include a letter to that affect with the rifle. I emailed this letter to Frank in October and he said he would include it with the paper work. I am not asking anyone to break the law the rifle is to be sent to the US government if there is any problems with its modifications they will reject it and it will be destroyed. Posting this on a forum is not how I wanted to go about this but I have been unable to get any answers on this issue. The issue with the weld modification I have not been informed of until now, that has been the problem there is no communication between us and I do not know why.

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