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Thread: Marstar barrels question

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    They also sell full auto bullets and straps that will fit on shoulder fired rocket launchers.

    Tell Wendy I says hi.

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    Do people do that often on here?
    Whenever there is a tragedy somewhere that happened to involve a firearm.

    The media starts a big circus and prints hundreds of articles about all the big scary guns out there.

    I guess they need to sell papers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reaper665 View Post
    Do people do that often on here?
    It has happened, but most just lurk, as you guys are too good at ferreting them out if they open their yaps. Is/was he same I do not know.
    From a moderation perspective he has done nothing wrong. I ask that you don't persecute the guy. If he is a Liberal anti gun reporter, he'll hang himself (virtually of course) eventually.
    JYC has retired. Please send mod related matters to other current active moderators. Thank you!

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