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Thread: SHOT SHOW 2013: Hogue Configurable AR-15 Handguards

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    SHOT SHOW 2013: Hogue Configurable AR-15 Handguards

    Hogue will be releasing a new line of configurable free floating tubular handguards this year. Different style handguard sections are available such as over-molded rubber ones and all aluminum knurled ones that are slotted to accept rails and other accessories.

    The handguard consists of a one main section that fastens to the rifle to which various additional sections get threaded onto.

    The first section has a feature on it that allows it to be timed. The other section seem to be threaded such that they all time to each other.

    You can create a handguard that is a long as you desire using the various sections.

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    Interesting concept, how are they weight wise in comparison to say a Daniel Defense lite rail?
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    I really like the look and idea.
    Any idea who will carry them when they are available ?

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    Cosmetics to increase sales that is all it is.

    What is the real benefit behind this design??

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    i dont know if I really like them :s

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwillmoore View Post
    Cosmetics to increase sales that is all it is.

    What is the real benefit behind this design??

    I guess to be able to change handguard length quickly without having to swap complete handguards. You could have a section with a bipod and laser, unscrew the end piece with them on it and run a lighter setup?

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    sorry to be a thread necromancer, but does anyone know where these might be purchased in Canada?? I've searched high and low but can't seem to find them anywhere. Figured this might be a decent place to look before going ahead making my own standalone post. any help is much appreciated! :D
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