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Thread: SHOT SHOW 2013: Nightforce B.E.A.S.T. 5-25x56mm FFP Tactical Scope

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    Quote Originally Posted by sask farmboy View Post
    that is exactly what I though
    at this price, I will go for the PMII with no hesitation

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    Really?...because we have never had to send one back other than an original used one from a military trial from years ago. We must just be lucky. Phil.
    Phil, you missed my sarcasm.

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    To echo what Phil said,I am very happy w/ the NF, very reliable and built like a tank, I just wish they had a FFP in a NXS 5.5 -22. I just don't need the features in the BEAST.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haagen_Dazs View Post

    Not to mention the reticle sucks! I'd also like to pick up a Premier sometime but am not sure why the S&Bs are so much more popular. I like the Premier over the S&B because of the Gen2 XR reticle but other than that, I'm not sure what the differences are....

    This NF scope had be very interesed, until I saw the MSRP and heard about the broken turrets!

    I was at Nightforces booth on numerous occasions during shot and never saw or experienced and malfunctioning Beast's. Not to say that I handled every one of them, but it would seem to me that Nightforce would have pulled any scope that showed such a malfunction as what the OP described.

    It should be understood that this is not a Turret "lock" but rather a brake. It can be overridden with additional force applied on the main elevation turret. I experienced this first hand during a briefing on the product with one of Nightforce's Reps when I forgot the button was depressed and overided the feature with more force applied than normal. He did not seem concerned and stated that it does not act as an absolute lock.

    Who knows maybe there were some damaged scopes but there seems to be a misperception that there were a bunch of Beast's with f'd up turrets which is not true.

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    It's not supposed to turn easily when the "brake" is applied (which the rep. confirmed and was embarrassed about).

    Locking in mentioned at around 0.48:

    Both brakes locked the turrets securely on Tuesday morning, but by Thursday both felt like MTC turrets with the brakes engaged. They were ALL like that, and so was the one in the AI booth.

    Liberty Optics mentioned it in their review:
    The "brake control".....I happened to turn the knob with the brake "on"...the most awesome feeling 20mil knobs in history, until it was pointed out I just turned the knob when I should not have been able too....once released, the knob was a bit too light feeling...bottom line, the BEAST is not yet fully baked, IMO.
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    Any scopes at Shot where preproduction. BEAST is due out in June.

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