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Thread: UPDATE: Jan. 22, 2013 - Blue Line is proud to announce... the MPA-RC 556 Rifle!

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    which will probably be LOWER, since MSRP is usually higher than STREET price
    yea...i'll stick my neck out there and say probably not anymore

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    Better change the name of the rifle before sending it the RCMP. Eliminate any chance of the rcmp restricting it by name saying the name stands for "Master piece Assault rifle - 556". If this was non restricted it would be the hottest selling rifle for years to come. Id buy one for sure, and maybe two!

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    Quote Originally Posted by donkSTRIKER View Post
    As long as it's not an 'AR or variant of' - what are your concerns???

    OP says they are pushing hard for NR - I am sure they are prepared!
    They could deem it a variant of a PROHIBITED firearm. I won't name them since I've already caught flak from other members who seem to think prohib guns with a similar action are a secret only I know and I've now single handedly ruined this gun.

    A couple people have already said it looks like an AR18/AR180, both prohib by name, but that's not the one that concerns me. If the RCMP plays fair, it will all come down to parts commonality and interchangeability. However, considering the AR180B and .22 MP5 clones, it's anyone's guess what could happen.

    As for the "AR" in the name, that is by far the least item I have concerns about.
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    change it before you send for evaluation... and when You will receive the #.... change it back to MPAR-C if you want !!!!

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    Fack it man , I'm happy the way it sits , why look a gift horse in the mouth ?
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    I like it. How easy is it to swap barrels or uppers? I am thinking .300 AAC Blackout would be great for deer hunting since I have lost all hope in ever being able to take an AR-15 hunting.

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    Assuming it works, I'm interested. I don't like the hand guard. Seems overly chunky. What's under there?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TV-PressPass View Post
    Some quick pics from the show floor.

    Looks like it has the potential to be really great for the Canadian Market!

    Judging from this picture I would say that a bolt release and also an abmi magazine release would be a must.
    Other than that I see 250 units being sold out coast to coast with in a 2 month time period as long as it doesn't go above the $1200 range by to much.

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    Rest Assured we and the fine gentlemen at Masterpiece Arms are well aware of the challenges facing us in having this rifle classified as NON RESTRICTED. We are confident that the form of the rifle that will be available for the Canadian market will be classified as such. The MPA-RC will be significantly different than what you see now. The devil is in the details. Once the version is finalized we will be pleased to announce it here in the forum. Your feed back is much appreciated as it will help us to improve what we offer.


    Blue Line Team

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    Congratulations on getting this started.

    I now promise to wait until this saturates the market before I make ridiculous requests for options like 7.62x39 or 300 BLK or a shoulder thingie that goes up by Magpul no less.
    I will try not to make disparaging remarks about the RCMP until a NR FRT is issued.
    I will bide my time waiting for an FRT to be issued.
    And, I will save my shekels and beer bottle return money until I can buy this is one lump sum.

    Three out of four aint bad I suppose,,,.

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