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Thread: SHOT SHOW 2013 Report: SRM Semi-Autom Tactical Shotgun

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    Quote Originally Posted by UCSPanther View Post
    Just have a version with a single 4-shot tube.
    Doesn't that kinda nullify this products main USP?
    It may be a good semi-auto in its own right, but a 4-round semi isn't anything to write home about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UCSPanther View Post
    Just have a version with a single 4-shot tube.
    You regular semi shotgun??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Wolverine View Post
    I was very impressed with the SRM shotgun. I consider she has four 4rd mag tubes joined together in a common carrier, somebody else had already made application to the RCMP and they have decided she has a 16 rd magazine. It doesn’t help that she is advertised as having a 16 rd mag. There is nothing in writing from California or the BATF stating she is considered as having a 4 shot magazine. I made my case to the RCMP and they said “Nice try” but still consider her a 16 rd mag. A redesign of the mag would be extremely expensive with no guarantee that any changes would be accepted,

    We have two examples here in stock so anyone with the correct licence please give me a call. In my opinion she was the best new gun at the Shot Show.
    Hi John,

    Thanks for the positive feedback and your help with trying to make our shotgun available in Canada. It's greatly appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by juicygoodness View Post
    If it needs to be pinned to 5 rounds then how come the UTS 15 and the KSG have no such restrictions on them? Am I missing something?
    Pump, lever and bolt dont have any mag restrictions. This is a semi so can only have 5 in a mag. Interesting they deemed the whole thing a mag if you have to physically turn to the next tube would be like speed loaders for a semi.

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