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Thread: SHOT SHOW 2013 Report: Winchester Model 1873

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    I want this -- when my son's older we can shoot alongside with my Chiappa .357 mares leg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gurkha View Post
    I would like to know the same thing, I was told the Uberti .357 would not properly cycle .38 but then I saw someone with one at the range and he was shooting .38 not problem.
    I have a SASS Uberti 1873 .38/.357 cal with cowboy action tuning done (short stroke kit) and it shoots .38's just fine. Very accurate....I use it for cowboy action shooting.

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    After reveiwing Winchesters literature on the 73, I was disappointed to find that only the blued, round barrel version would be offered for sale. The case hardened, octagon barrel was in my mind when when I told myself I had to have one. From what I could find out, we might see the 73's mid to late summer, if we are lucky. If they make the 73 the same quality as the 1886's they made, we should see a well made, well functioning rifle. Just rumours , but Uberti may slow down on shipping rifles into Canada. The European Cowboy Action Shooting has blossomed and they would like to fill that market first, so this should give Winchester an edge in getting into the market place? If anyone knows of an outlet that has garranteed 73 inventory coming in, I'd sure like to know.

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    That's a nice lever action. As far as information goes I picked up the phone and called a few people . I asked if the Blue or Case hardening rifle was going to be available in Canada and they were not sure and that it all depends if the Americans buy them up .

    I conversed with some a Americans on it and they were not enthusiastic about the price, a lot of them said they were content with their Italian copies because of the selection of calibers and options. Despite it being a nice looking gun the idea that's it's made in Japan still bothers of them , not to say all of them feel this way but a lot of them are very nationalistic . As to why 357 MAG , My guess is that they wanted to go after both the cowboy action shooting and hunting communities; that and the fact that 357 is a common caliber. In truth I would of released it in 44-40 just because I'm more traditional . In my option I think Winchester is putting out a feeler to see how receptive the American public actually is to the rebirth of the 73 . I watched a shotshow video , Winchester said that that 73 will come out with more options and calibers by next year.

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