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Thread: SHOT SHOW 2013: Intrepid RAS-12 AR-12 tactical shotgun

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    SHOT SHOW 2013: Intrepid RAS-12 AR-12 tactical shotgun

    This is a new 12 gauge upper conversion for the AR-10 system form Intrepid, of Salt Lake City, UT.

    Although it is referred to as a 12 gauge, it is NOT the same rimmed 12 ga shell that we are all familiar with. It uses a new proprietary 12 gauge diameter round that has a rebated rimless round. The case is molded entirely from plastic. This allows for trouble free feeding, no worries of a rim hanging up on the rim of the shell below. (Lee-Enfield users will understand this.) It also eliminates needing a very curved magazine to accommodate all those rims.

    I specifically asked about having a gun with no ammo if the company was to fold, or the project was dropped. The spokesman said that they are in talks right now with a major US ammo maker to produce this new cartridge for Intrepid. Interestingly, it was the (unnamed) ammo maker that first approached Intrepid, not the other way around.

    The new round is carried in an 8 round mag (8+1 in the tube) that perfectly fits a SR-25 standard magwell. As well as the 8 rounder, there is a 3+1 for big game hunting, and a 2+1 for waterfowl hunting. They are also planning on releasing a rifled slug barrel and a choke barrel soon.
    A .410 and a 20 ga version is planned for the AR-15 lower within a year.

    I realise that as long as the AR series remains RESTRICTED in Canada, this greatly limits its usefulness and desirability here. But it is nice to keep aware of what is out there.
    No word on a Canadian importer yet.
    Retail expected to be ~$1900 US.
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    Very very cool, but pricey.... I want one.

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    Now we just need to put it into rifles that we can own up here... probably wouldnt work in an M14... but the smaller gauges might work for other rifles...

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    Bump... for new pics

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    I would like to try it for skeet! :-)
    GO NAVY!

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    That is AWESOME shotgun technology! Nice to see development in cartridges. This definitely depicts the future of shotguns...oh and by the way did i mention I WANT ONE!

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    I think this would be neat to add to the collection but a bit pricey for me. And I beg to wonder what the rounds will cost....

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    So if the mag is pinned for 5 of the 12 gauge shells, how many .308 will fit?
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    Quote Originally Posted by forbes/hutton View Post
    So if the mag is pinned for 5 of the 12 gauge shells, how many .308 will fit?
    exactly. put me down for 10 mags

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    I wonder if they raised the pressure limit while they were at it?

    Among other benefits, a higher operating pressure makes for a cleaner powder burn, which is a big plus with gas operated arms.
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