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Thread: Double 1911 - Arsenal - No really.

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    I would love to shoot one and actually think it's pretty neat. I'm a mechanical / engineering appreciating sorta guy and the curious stuff tickles my fancy at times. I'm surprised to say; neat. Will be a hit with the hardcore 1911 collectors, as this will be in all the books as one of the oddest variations.

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    The whole point is how a company can successfully pull that off and make it work. The sky is the limit. The rest of the 1911 builders seem to get all proud just because they invent some new form of frame "checkering ". Ooooohhhh, slots, or dimples, or honey comb. Very innovative stuff there in the R&D department. This gun serves no practical purpose and I love it. Just like a Lamborghini.

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    Quote Originally Posted by C77 View Post
    Oughta be fun getting those barrel bushings off.
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    Is this the preorder? Because I need of these!

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    I guess my grandpa would like to have one of this to shoot japs 67 years ago
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    Quote Originally Posted by jside86 View Post
    No not duel weld... quatro weld
    Quote Originally Posted by SouthWest Guy View Post
    I guess my grandpa would like to have one of this to shoot japs 67 years ago
    That's the best comment I have ever seen on CGN.
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    Quote Originally Posted by windage View Post
    Isn't shooting both barrels on a double barrel shotgun simultaneously the same functionality of this handgun? Weird, any excuse to prohibit a firearm.
    only if a single trigger double is malfunctioning, or modified to do so. a double trigger double. would be 1 round per trigger pull. not sure why someone would want to do it anyhow. any time you would want to do it, the rounds would be more than powerful enough to really hurt your shoulder (or gun depending on age)

    and yeah that 1911 is just silly. id like to shoot it so see what the recoil is like, but i think it would be fairly snappy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by James54765 View Post
    It's on the frt already and has a number. It's listed as restricted. So not prohib. But yes way too expensive. Looks like they took two 1911's and put them on a belt sander until they were ground down just enough to still work and then welded them together. Still would definately be a conversation starter. It's called the Arsenal Firearms AF2011.
    I have a really hard time believing that. I'm not calling you a liar, James, but I can't see how this would be exempted from the 'more than one shot per pull of the trigger' prohib rule.
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    I can only imagine how much of a pain in the arse that would be to strip and clean...
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