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Thread: SHOT SHOW 2013 ZiP gun, from US Firearms

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    SHOT SHOW 2013 ZiP gun, from US Firearms

    This is a cute little toy that is based on the Ruger 10/22 magazine.

    Unfortunately, I did not get to see or fire it at the Media Day even, so I cannot comment on how it handles.
    The one on display at the main SHOTshow did not have a mag attached, and the mag seems to serve as part of the pistol grip. Without a long mag attached, there is very little to wrap your hand around.
    I was told that there was a cutaway version on display but I missed it. Apparently the bolt is made of plastic, and will need to be replaced after a few thousand rounds.
    It operates on a simple blowback design, as do many .22 rimfires.

    No word yet on Canadian approval or importers.
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    It's an interesting design. At the price, it's a low risk investment in something just a little out there.

    I had a look at the website before SHOT. I did note that they clearly mention the bolt is a consumable part and needs to be periodicly guaged and replaced when needed. I assumed it was a die cast part, not plastic.

    They mention in the websight that the best grip is a high hold. Done right I doubt it matters if you have a standard 10 round or a longer version.

    We shall see. Odds are the RCMP Technical branch wil determine that it's a derivative of a 1919A4 and rule it a converted auto.....

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    Futuristic plastic guns. If you use some of the new polymer ammo, is it completely metal free? All plastic and polymer? I can see this being a problem and prohib. I like it, and like the technology. All firearms unique and rare intrigue me.

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    seems like it should be the prize in a corn flakes box.
    i love it.

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    Very cool. For about $200, that's a no-brainer, even if just to support a company doing something new.
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    I still can't figure out how to hold it.

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    Ugly and useless, yet for some reason I want to buy 5 of them at that price! Nice to see that innovation is still alive in the gun business.

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    I really want one of these... Fingers crossed
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    cool...i would get

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