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Thread: SHOT SHOW 2013 PolyCase polymer cased pistol ammo

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    Similar to the PCP stuff but focused on the handgun calibre market. Whereas PCP is more focused on the military application calibres (.223/.308) and their cases can be supposedly reloaded.
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    Quote Originally Posted by heavenIsAlie View Post
    it would be an interesting case for people shooting lost brass IPSC matches, Shoot the brass at practice when you can pick it up and shoot this when you cant
    can also use steel cased ammo for that, but steel cased isnt all that cheaper than brass

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    Definitely a step in the right direction.

    And hey, people have been using plastic shotgun hulls for a long time now and those are reloadable. Not the same pressures, but it all comes down to the polymer they use. The aluminum rim is a nice touch.
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    Not being hit by hot brass cases is definitely a plus, but I think my family will stick to reloading with brass for a while yet. Meanwhile, we'll see how the polymer cases pan out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tootall View Post
    There was another company that exhibited at SHOT in 2011 and 2012.
    They were also at Media Day last year also.
    They were supposed to be at this years show, but I didnt see them. The website is still up, so I dont know what to make of that.
    PCP is still around, they just did a limited release of .308 ammo in the US. There are a few articles & vids of their stuff. Reviews are favourable but the ammo is at a premium price.
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    Quote Originally Posted by emilio613 View Post
    I think I'd give it a shot, just for the sake of trying something new
    Me to, those guys are thinking out side the box, I don't think they care about reloading though
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