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Thread: SHOT SHOW REPORT 2013: HK416A5 and HK MR762A1 LRP(Long Range Package)

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    SHOT SHOW REPORT 2013: HK416A5 and HK MR762A1 LRP(Long Range Package)

    The HK 416A5 has been out of the bag for awhile. The common enhancements seen in other US "IC" entries, are present, such as adjustable gas block, ambidextrous control parts, etc. The castle nut has been reinforced and the new stock has done away with the sloppy cheek rest found in the Crane Stock about 7 years ago, Less plastic = less weight. Raised bolt catch guard is also added. I cannot really think of a reason why the bolt catch needs to be fenced, other than the odd people who accidentally let the bolt go forward while clearing weapon for inspection. The bolt catch does not do anything when the rifle is working and the bolt is fully forward. In fact, now they have added a speed bump during IA. The fire control pins are also enhanced to prevent walkout. The carbine is still hitting 8.24lb - things are still a bit on the heavy side.

    A new bundle sold by HK is the Long Range Package for the MR762A1. Essentially it is a plain jane MR762 with brown furniture and the G28 stock. It comes with the Leupold 3-9 VX-R scope and mount. I am not quite sure what the HK USA marketing is thinking, but it does not make too much sense to put a 800 dollars scope on a 3500 dollars rifle. They are better off making a brown MR762 and let people buy their own optics.

    Sometimes I don't know what HK Germany is thinking. Across the board people want a lighter and chromelined MR556 and MR223. Talked to a German staff and HK Germany's official line is that the rifle is designed for precision. Seriously, who is it buying a MR556/223 to sit on a bench? They should take the advice of their own shooting team and lighten up these rifles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greentips View Post
    Seriously, who is it buying a MR556/223 to sit on a bench?
    Everyone in Canada that owns one? :D (I kid I kid!!)

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    Well said

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    They have the wrong people working there, that is for sure..............just does not make sense...

    That being said the Chrome lining is not necessary and degrades accuracy, if you buy an MR223 or US version especially you can get that barrel reconfigured/re-profiled to your specifications.

    Michael Cabrera is not doing us any favors with the MR762 package. It does not even look right. No extended rail either????????

    The pistol grip is highly questionable, I could think of a lot of better options, should have just left it with the original pistol grip offerings...

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    It looks like they rummaged through their truck for parts.
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    Is the 556/762 even available for purchase here in Canada? If so, who is selling it?

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    Tactical imports

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