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Thread: SHOT SHOW REPORT 2013: ATI Stock for Benelli M4 and Halo Sidel Saddle for Mossberg

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    I agree, as long as that's what we are seeing...but if it's Benelli going down a few rungs, that would be a shame.

    If that stock is a typical ATI product, and you buy an M4 so equipped, you will look at the receipt, handle the stock for a few seconds...and you wil be PISSED OFF.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjohnwm View Post
    I've been totally underwhelmed by the quality of materials used in the ATI products that I've had. It's one thing to spend a few bucks on a toy-quality bolt-on goodie for a 10/22, H&R or SKS that is used as a range queen/plinker. It's something else altogether to stick the same crappy stuff on a serious, quality piece like the M4. I would have to take a good, hard look at this stock before considering it for this purpose. Hopefully ATI is capable of producing higher quality products with significantly better durability than the ones I've seen so far.
    This exactly. I can't begin to imagine spending that kind of cash on a Benelli with an ATI stock. Those heat shields and mag tube pic rails look like something out of the Cabela's catalogue.

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    Stock parts are fine on way and I putting anything ATI on my $2,200 shotgun!!!

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    I corresponded with Jen at ATI about these stocks before I bought my M4 Super 90 recently out of curiosity. The adjustable cheek is what interested me.

    She indicated that LOP on these will be "roughly 11.5-14 inches…" and when asked if this will replace a collapsible stock on a Super 90 she indicated "M4 only".

    This leads me to believe that this will not work on Canadian Super 90's with collapsible stocks but will work with US M4s with solid buttstocks/pistol grips?

    Anyway, saw this and thought I'd pass-on what little I know about them...

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    I don't have a problem with the grip or the stock on my m4 with side armor rail system on it. Yes its kind of useless in the shortest collapsed setting but I've shot it fine in both 3rd and 2nd. I think the shortest is more for transportaion only.

    I do like the look of that ati stock though. And it does look easier to adjuster. The factory one can be a bit of a ##### at times. If the quality was good and price was right I'd consider it.

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    ATI is cheap injection molded junk... Choate makes a much better product.

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