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Thread: What Vz58 Parts Are You Missing?

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    CGN Regular papovka's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    - peep style rear sight
    - extended ambi-mag release (AK style large paddle would be great)
    - left side charging handle
    - improved trigger options

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    Jun 2010
    A left hand charging bolt
    They should make a tactical bolt release that works with the AR magwell adapter.
    Will you ever stock the bipod grip part no. 58-1-057B?
    there is an issue of the bolt not locking back on the last round with the AR magwell adapter. If the follower in the mag is not all the way to the rear it will not enguage the bolt release and thus not lock back.

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    ohh more krink brakes! REAL ONES!
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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Right now we've got the fiber optic setups. It wouldn't be hard to put tritium in those, but it might be hard to ship tritium by air into Canada.

    We'll look into it!

    Please do as I know alot of people have been wanting something like this for a loooong time now. Excellent idea Zahals!!!!!!
    "Sleep in bliss Pops"!!!!!!

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    AK style mag release. Been wanting but havent seen any in quite a while.

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    A steady supply of 5.56x45mm magazines pinned to 5 rounds.

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    CGN Ultra frequent flyer G.Mitchell's Avatar
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    Left side charging handle
    Trigger with less creep and over travel

    Trigger is my biggest complaint about my CSA VZ58
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    The Zahal CSA scope mount is a good start for mounting a little red dot or whatnot, but vz-58 owners have been chasing an off-the-shelf solution for POSP style optics for years.

    Most AK and SVD products are unsuitable for the vz-58. They sit too high or do not line up over bore. As they are centered over the dust cover most magnified optics sit too far back. Many mounting options also lack a case deflector and people end up welding on some scrap steel to make it work. (case deflectors for the vz-58 exist but they are like unicorns here in Canada).

    Is there any chance there could be a version of the Zahal CSA mount that is longer, sits a bit more forward, and has a built in case defector? There are currently very few off-the-shelf options when it comes to mounting a POSP or other magnified optics on these rifles in an ergonomic manner.

    Just take a look at the "McGuyver" stuff going on in this thread:

    People have struggled for years to force AK or SVD style mounts to work with this rifle. I applaud their creativity, but I am truly surprised that no manufacturer has come up with a solution yet.

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    Left hand charging bolt.
    Large mag release
    to go with my other Zahal goodies.

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