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Thread: Fobus order arrived today

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    Fobus order arrived today

    After a failed first attempt, the second order went smoothly, and my order arrived today. The Fobus holster and thigh rig are great. The double stack, Generic 9mm & .40 mag pouch, unfortunately, does not fit S&W M&P 9mm mags. Oh well, at least it was only $16.50. Any suggestions as to which pouche(s) will fit?

    Thank you and take care.

    ps. For those interested, it was twenty days from order to delivery.

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    Thank you for your business! Sorry to hear about the magazines not fitting!

    Let me check what Israel says is best for M&P magazines.

    I've got a few different Fobus magazine holders here in Canada. I'll take them down to the range this week and see what fits.

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