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Thread: Video of the "New" Vz58 Ambidextrous Release

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    Video of the "New" Vz58 Ambidextrous Release

    Well it took a little while! But we finally got TVPP out there to try out the "new" ambidextrous magazine release!

    For those of you who remember: we started getting these from the Czech republic late last year as an alternative to the "flat paddle" design. Our guys in Cz have been pleased with them, and TVPP seems to feel the same.

    We consider them one of the least cosmetic upgrades to the Cz858/Vz58 platform. They definitely change the mechanics for the better!

    If you're looking for one: our EE ad is here

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    Thanks Zahal!

    I'm still amazed I can shoulder a rifle that isn't the Tavor

    I would love some tips from more experienced Vz58 shooters on how to get a magazine out of a chest rig faster. I lent the war-belt to the other shooter/cameraman for this trip, and definitely felt slow without mags on my hip.

    To anyone who has used the Tactical bolt release: Is it worth it? Part of the reason I vertical the rifle when reloading is to give the gun the old reach-around and drop the bolt. I like the idea of a more straightforward bolt release.

    When I go back to shooting my shorty Vz and have to use the factory mag release: it sucks. I'll definitely be buying another of these ambi units to install on that rifle too.

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    They are good solid real steel piece, better then anything aluminum

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