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Thread: T97.ca | Official Thread of the T97NSR Flat Top Upper (FTU) | PART I

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    one from SavePhacedotcom (they also have slick welding helmets.

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    How much weight would the finish (anodising/parkerising/powder coating) add to the FTU? I am not asking to be a negative ninny, just curious.

    The part is first bead blasted and then Type II anodized, the rest is imperceptible.
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    Are you going to have this prototype at the Victoria gun show on Oct 26/27th?

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    Could a shell deflector be built into cheek riser so it deflects the shells downward instead of 30 ft away.

    We will discuss the topic of a brass deflector at 1pm meeting today but finalising the details of the optics rail is paramount. We want to have it in production. Materials due today.
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    You've got my money as soon as you're ready to sell, I held off selling my Millet 1-4x scope as soon as I saw this. Great work guys!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gorno View Post
    Will the non reciprocating CH be able to used on the right side of the rifle for lefties?


    I know you mentioned in other posts that it will be, but I just wanted to be certain you meant both versions of the CH. Any plans for a shell deflector?

    Not at this time but it has come up in discussion. Completing the FTU this week is priority.
    I hope it is something you guys will be working on. Would love to buy this rifle, since a Tavor isn't in the budget.

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    I am very interested in this product and will be amongst the first to preorder the part.

    Thank you so much for doing all this work. It was fun discovering this thread and reading through it.

    It's obvious that you're a pro and I trust that you'll do an excellent job with the final product.

    My wallet is awaiting the debut of this product.

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    I might have to stop by the gun show this weekend...

    Looking forward to the show. This will be at the Saanich Fairgrounds. Drop by the table and shoulder the rifle.
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    10.23.2013 Meeting Update:

    * finalized FTU to rifle connection (front and rear)
    * lowered charging handle (CH) opening
    * increased length and breadth of truck
    * scalloped rear section of truck to interface with collar
    * increased height of charging handle opening
    * integrated a detent to ensure solid retention of truck
    * altered the secondary, reciprocating CH connection
    * experimented with a vertically lightened 1913 picatinny rail
    * removed two rearward picatinny rail slots
    * ensured angular rail lightening cuts are spaced compatible with aftermarket picatinny rails from Magpul
    * angular rail lightening cuts ball nosed
    * removed top most rear set screw
    * added set screws to front and rear stanchion clamps
    * assessed and recommended minor changes from Nanaimo range session testing
    * lead in and lead outs finalised on rear most picatinny rail section

    Once these changes are implemented, we will see renewed range testing of the T97.ca FTU Friday or Monday. Range update to follow.
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    Great update.
    Quick suggestion, not if it's possible though.
    Could a small hole be built right under the rail to act like a backup sight? Similar to what you did with the M14 mount?

    Unfortunately, no, there is not enough room in the top rail to add a sight tunnel.
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