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Thread: T97.ca | Official Thread of the T97NSR Flat Top Upper (FTU) | PART I

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    Quote Originally Posted by edwin-97a View Post
    .Ugly! Guys make it like close to VHS bullpup.

    Noted. I will bring this up at our next meeting. Thank-you. Further: on the VHS you have a 5"+ mechanical offset. The VHS requires a cheek riser. The AR15 platform offers a 3/4" rise from tube to picatinny rail. The T97.ca FTU offers a rise of only 1.1".
    All of the aftermarket add- ons are based on AR-15 platform,( BUIS height etc.)

    I have been viewing the VHS, not the VHS-2. The VHS-2 has been completely redesigned. I will take this under advisement. Printed for our next meeting.
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    If possible, it would be awesome if you could design your charging handle to work with the flattop to be non reciprocating. That, would be wicked.

    Unfortunately, I have no plans at this writing to develop this option into the FTU optics mount.
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    Wicked. I'm amazed at the Canadian firearms community. Innovation, shared findings, constructive criticism... all within two weeks of the gun landing.

    I may have to buy a second one to do this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xdmer View Post
    Well, now interesting. I chose to pass on the T97/xzy, based on ergonomics and sight options, and I'm liking this.I think that cut outs will help with weight and it looks like modular rails will be supported. What are the other mods alluded to on your site (other than the charging handle mentioned). After all these mods, I can see the 1k rifle becoming a 2k rifle (based on m14.ca mod parts). Still, I like where this is going.

    I cannot offer you the complete list on the public forum due to the very unique nature of some of the parts. We have a total of 11 modifications that will go to production end of year beginning of 2014.
    Thanks! Time for me to reconsider the rifle, this is promising.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5440fight View Post
    Wicked. I'm amazed at the Canadian firearms community. Innovation, shared findings, constructive criticism... all within two weeks of the gun landing.
    I wonder if the Chinese designer will even recognize his own design in 6 months!
    And I have to wonder how many of the CGN improvements will become standard on future T95 service rifles.
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    Awesome, good job guys.
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    May I recommend a non-reciprocal ambi side charging handle that engages the regular charging handle? Also a faux FAMAS handle?

    While far more difficult to produce and not out of reach, the goal for this project is to provide a secure, precise, military grade optics mount with similar height characteristics of an AR15 (at a reasonable price).
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    Quote Originally Posted by TRich View Post
    I was looking at it again this morning and I was thinking to myself if the front of it was even slightly angled back instead of being at a right angle, it would improve the aesthetics greatly.
    I second this.

    Third vote noted.
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    Will any possibility of injection molded polymer versions be offered at a reduced price? Also, has investment casting been considered as a alternative manufacturing method? It might be a lot more cost effective given the possible levels of demand for the product. A bar stock of that size probably costs about 30 or 40 bucks, but you look to be using only 10%ish of the mass to make this. I bet you could get material costs much lower with alternative manufacturing methods, then you just have to watch the cost of post processing. Though I'm saying all this assuming you have the tools and resources available to you in house or within reach.

    A military grade optics platform utilizing the 1913 picatinny rail specification should be aluminum or steel (in my opinion). Plastic is subject to warpage, cracking, UV fatigue and is not the first material I would choose as an ideal optics mounting platform. Aluminum offers precision and strength. Injection molding is suitable for many thousands of parts and has a high setup cost. Are there more than 2000 Type 97NSR rifles in Canada?
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    This is great and most likely will buy this flattop option,
    but being practical the first thing this rifle needs is a proper mag release.\

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