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Thread: Is there any demand for an ALL Canadian made bolt action precision rifle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schecter 81 View Post
    I'm sure I will get flamed for this but........I just had my full custom built on a Pierce action, Broughton Barrel, McMillian Stock, with a brake and it shoots a 1/2 minute for $3,500. Why would the CDN components or the ATRS brand drive the price up another 2k? I know of a few guys getting builds done around here for that mid 3k mark getting great rifles and that is importing everything. I would think getting everything local without having to pay the imports on everything should reduce the price. Especially when you don't have the big names and reputations like Mcmillian and Krieger etc. I assume you are talking Gaillard? Not to knock the ATRS quality, almost everything I have heard about ATRS has been positive, I just don't understand how there is such a huge differential in the prices when all the components are the same. Flame On!!
    Shane, now that you are sortof in the business you should know what things really cost. True working out of the garage saves on overhead as does having a full time job outside the industry, but there is a huge difference in investment between having a small lathe and what it takes to produce actions and all of the ancilliary parts. ALL of this increases the cost of manufacture especially when the product is made in a country that has a rather hostile view on gunmaking. Comparing US or other foreign made guns is natural but unfortunately not realistic. Banks and government in Canada are vitually impossible to deal with as a firearms maker as I am sure you are now aware.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ago1 View Post
    spot on
    my last 2 hunting rifles

    500-700 for a complete second hand Rem 700 LH
    300 for timney
    500. for B&C stock LH
    500 fo SS barrel
    400 for square action mount barrel
    25 for hex screws
    150 for post parcels etc etc
    50 only for bedding but it was done personally

    and where applicable prices are with local tax

    all components bought in Canada and all in 8 weeks

    maybe not the best components but for left hand the market is not very rich
    So comparing SECOND hand mass produced action to a custom action that is BRAND NEW and made to your desired configuartion is some how relevant?
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    Quote Originally Posted by no-one special View Post
    I think you are missing the whole point of what ATRS does. They are not mass producers, they build exactly what the customer wants so there is no wasted dough on parts you will want to replace, assuming you know exactly what you want and order accordingly.

    They do offer Cadex as a chassis option, to the best of my knowledge they were the only chassis manufacturer willing to produce a chassis in limited numbers for the ATRS actions. To have every chassis manufacturer make a special inlet for each and every action would be a VERY expensive undertaking for the chassis maker, especially with the number of small Canadian action manufacturers of late.

    The current chassis fad I doubt will ever eclipse the sales of better quality fiberglass stocks as not everyone likes the cold feel as the fact that they only fit part of the population, whereas a fiberglass stock can easily be modified to fit any shooter.
    Ok. They are small. But this post sounds like they want to mass produce the guns. Not to build a custom guns. They are already making custom guns. They want to develop their trigger there are action maybe they should start making barrels but then they should mass-produce these rifles otherwise they'll be just making custom guns with their own components and I don't really see a point in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by no-one special View Post
    Have you looked at their website? They already have ready to go rifles in stock. Do you think that the cost of the parts and labor is any more of less than having a rifle built to the customers exact spec's? ALL of the ATRS actions except their single shots use either AICS or AW mags, always have.
    Yes I have, and Yes I do. I think you missed my intention. The rifles they have listed seem to be one offs. I was referring to the concept of doing batches of identical rifles in set configurations, IE specific models. Doing this means they could order larger numbers of materials, which usually means a lower purchase cost. These would not be Custom rifles, but low volume production rifles.

    My thought when it came to labor was they could use more of an "assembly line" type of production since they would be producing several of the same rifle. This could be done without sacrificing ATRS quality and attention to detail.

    Im not saying it will lower the price substantially, but a few hundred bucks per rifle is better then nothing.

    This was just a thought since this seems to be a brainstorming/input thread.
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    Seems that this thread is 5 years out of date. We have been building our own actions and using Canadian made barrels since 2013 and have worked with Cadex to have them make their top of the line chassis to fit our actions. Unfortunately the Canadian stock maker we were trying to help get establish could not produce the quality we require.
    On that note I am closing this thread.
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