We are writing this to inform the general public about the history surrounding the GSG Ruger 110 Round Drum Magazine.

GSG has created a drum magazine to be used in the Ruger 10/22 and SR22.
While preparing for the importation and distribution of these magazines we were approached by the RCMP and asked some very pointed questions about its design and its production. See Letter Below:

Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2013 9:46 AM
“How can it be that this cartridge magazine fits the Rifle SR22 and Rifle 10/22 but does not fit and function with the Ruger, Charger handgun? Be aware that this cartridge magazine was designed and manufactured long after the Ruger Charger Handgun came into existence.

Should you wish to carry this matter further forward, it will be necessary to submit a Drum magazine Part number 604.01.01 to RCMP - Specialized Firearms Support Services for an inspection.

The best to you this day.


Chief Firearms Technologist
Specialized Firearms Support Services
Firearms Investigative & Enforcement Services Directorate
Specialized Policing Services”

As you can see, RCMP brought into question the use of the magazines and their concern regarding classification. As the RCMP did not approve this magazine in its current configuration, we sat down with our lawyers and worked with GSG to create the new Canadian Model of magazine. The engineers at GSG then came up with a brand new design, which now meets all of the Canadian legal requirements. The Canadian Model of the GSG Ruger 10/22 Drum Magazine was designed, manufactured, tested, marked and advertised exclusively for the Ruger 10/22 rifle only.

Please see below our lawyer’s legal opinion as well as the manufacturer’s statement about the Canadian Model of magazine:


In the midst of the design finalization of the Canadian Model to satisfy RCMP requirements, another company in Canada imported a shipment of the original magazines, which the RCMP had brought in to question. To add to the situation, these magazines were not even a final production version, and were meant only for testing in other markets of the world. If anyone had contacted GSG, Blue Line, or the RCMP prior to this importation they would have been notified of the ongoing issue with that model of magazine. Unfortunately, it is the end consumer who ends up having to deal with these problems after the fact.

After taking everything into account, GSG has decided to issue a recall for all of the magazines in question. GSG is asking all retail customers to please return your drum magazines to the retailer where you purchased your magazine. Retailers are asked to please contact the seller where you purchased the magazines and return the magazines for a full refund. Blue Line will be supplying the new Canadian Model of the drum magazines to retailers allowing them to exchange them for customers.

We are constantly trying to bring new products to the country while strictly following the guidelines established for Canadian Firearms Businesses. Blue Line and GSG have been working together to ensure that products, which are brought to Canada, satisfy all legal requirements to avoid any possible problems for consumers.

The Canadian Model of the GSG Ruger 10/22 Rifle Magazine will be available soon in retail stores across the country. If you have any further questions please contact your local retailer or Blue Line.