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Thread: Meeting place for Newbies and Mentors - Alberta

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    Quote Originally Posted by edNigma View Post
    I figured I'd bump this since CHAS is opening up memberships today and I'll be applying for one as soon as they open them up. I already have a Marlin Model 795 and looking to start with the M&P9 Range Kit for my first pistol. Anyone else going to be new to CHAS or some veterans looking to teach an amateur the ropes out there this winter?
    what makes CHAS so great? why the high demand?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kandi View Post
    what makes CHAS so great? why the high demand?
    I haven't been yet but the appeal to me is it's membership price is relatively low ($160) compared to other options near Edmonton ($185-$495). There is no wait list to become a member and guests are allowed. It also offers a rifle range up to 800m, a 100m rifle range, a 25/50m range for pistols and rimfire, another 0-25m pistol and rimfire range as well as 3 shotgun ranges. They also offer free passes for Phoenix Gun range ($495 for a yearly membership) in Edmonton once a week in the evening. Additionally, they run multiple leagues including Service Rifle, 3-gun and a Ladies League as well as others.

    Even if I didn't own restricted firearms I would still easily be a member of CHAS since if I wanted to look for crown land to shoot I'd still be travelling approx. the same distance away from the city to do it.

    There are other ranges that are closer (more expensive) and a little further away (a little bit cheaper) but with everything that CHAS has to offer and all the good things I've read about them I decided to go with them as my first range since moving out here.

    Hopefully someone who's spent a lot more time there can give you more information but I figured I'd let you know what made me decide to pick CHAS.

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    I've just relocated to southern Alberta and I'm hoping that someone can tell me something about the Picture Butte club? The Taber club seems like a pretty nice facility; but Picture Butte would be more convenient.
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    I am not new Edmonton and have bin shooting a couple years but new to this forum and always open to new places and people if anyone is interested

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    Hi, this is my first post here.
    Was on Vancouver Island and shot at VFGPA. Now back in Edmonton, and shoot at SPFGA.
    Used to have an EGC membership, but no longer. When I'm a little more 'settled' (whatever that means), I might consider shooting there again.

    Shooting interests are Trap, and Smallbore Silhouette (though I am good at neither).


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    just getting into this world.

    waiting on my PAL/RPAL hopefully soon.

    looking to get into long guns.

    Any recomendations on ranges? i travel through out alberta for work so anywhere you suguest would be awesome.

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    Hey CGN fam! Any Calgary area shooters out there?!

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