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Thread: Meeting place for Newbies and Mentors - YK, NWT, & NU

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    Meeting place for Newbies and Mentors - YK, NWT, & NU

    Meeting place for Newbies and Mentors
    For those that have little to no experience, this is the place to contact those of us that are willing to meet with you, and let you pop off a few rounds.

    Contact the following Mentors by PM (scroll over the user name to access the drop down menu) to arrange a range day meeting.
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    Whitehorse, Yukon Territories
    Heh, not much action going on in the Territories eh ? I'm available if anyone needs anything in the Yukon !

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    former Yukoner, and damn proud of it. Currently in central BC
    New member from Whitehorse. Looking to get back into the shooting sports. Former member of the Yukon shooting team, circa 1977. Interested in sillouette shooting in small, fast centrefire such a .223 or .22-250. Looking for some ideas for a rifle.

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    I'm in Whitehorse as well. I don't have any .223 - yet. But I do have a 7.62x39. I also have keys to the local range. If you're still looking to shoot, me and Abom usually go out on most Sundays.

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    Yellowknife, NWT
    Well, I do not know if I could qualify as a mentor...but I can surely show anyone around the Yellowknife indoor and outdoor ranges.

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    Yellowknife & the Barrenlands
    Well, as the longest member in yellowknife, I suppose I'm a bit mental, so that makes me a "mentor"!
    Seriously though, Yellowknife has lots of willing shooters that will give anyone a hand. Just drop by the Shooting Performance Centre any time.
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    Fort Resolution, NT
    South of the lake (Great Slave) in Hay River, NT there is a great group of people.. always willing to take a new shooter out. just PM to set up a time.
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    New Scotland
    I'm in Aklavik, if there's anyone who ends up here looking to learn about hunting and reloading.
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    I'm getting my FAC on the 7-8th Feb and have a Norinco M305 on lay away at Hogan's waiting for my last payment. I'll be looking for some range time and want to join the rifle/pistol club. The teacher is Smokey, my wife will also be coming.

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    Hey, Im gonna be working in Whitehorse this summer; I'm looking for places to plink, or perhaps join a range for the summer months.

    I shoot trap (not very well), and some pistol.

    Thanks, MIke
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