For Those Days You Need To Dig A Hole On Your Property Fast.......

The price is very temping on these - what kind of warranty and parts support is there? I need one rarely, but it would come in handy.

Zero. It's a Chinese special. You can likely find most components at Princess Auto. Replacement cylinders and what not. As long as the pump and final drives are of decent quality then you shouldn't have too much to worry about. You could rent a machine like this for $500 a day so you can have the machine pay for itself pretty quick as long as you don't let any idiots on it.

There are 20 of them going across the block as I type this in Toronto, then on Saturday a bunch more in Edmonton. Frontier offered a price you would be hard-pressed to get at auction after taxes and 10% buyers fee for items under $10k. I was expecting to see $9k when I clicked the link.
Great deal who takes care of after sales service should there be any issues or service needed?

Since we had purchased these as part as a volume overstock buy, we are not given warranty with them. If purchased through an authorized dealer, there is 1 year warranty provided but an additional $3500-$4000 price tag.
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It says delivery service available on request. Anyone ask about shipping to Ontario yet?

Sorry, we did not see this question. Please PM us your postal code.
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