Remington 700 PCR SB Shorty

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Coming Soon!!!

The Remington 700 PCR SB

Canadian Special Run!!

  • Hard coat anodized, forged aluminum, Remington Precision Chassis
  • Light contour carbon steel, Cerakote black
  • .308 with 12.5" barrel and .223 with 10.5" barrel
  • X-Mark Pro externally adjustable trigger
  • One piece cantilever optics rail
  • M-LOK adaptable free float tube
  • Threaded barrel with thread protector
  • Model 700 short action rifle
  • Magpul MOE-SL stock
  • Sub MOA accuracy
  • 10 Round magazine
  • Non Restricted

Total weight for the 308 version?

Is the pistol grip interchangeable with AR15 style grips? Mil-spec or commercial buffer tube extension?

Looks great!
Damn I just bought a Ruger ranch. I guess I will have to save some more pennies.
Also interested in what the msrp will be. Also, any chance of this in 7.62x39? I would think not, but that would be cool I think
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I think you are better of with the ranch rifle, in .308 with a 12.5" barrel, the novelty will wear of very quickly. .223 should be less of a mistaken choice.
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