Remington 700 PCR SB Shorty

Hmm, 2250fps - 2400fps is a little disappointing. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but it sounds like this might not be the best moose gun.

That's why I have my 300RUM and 375h&h along

I'm riding around on my Kawasaki KLX250S dual sport have this little 309 on the handle bars the 300RUM is in the Kolpin gun casee mounted on my rear rack

handle bar gun is for close shots rear rifle is for when I have time = long shots

It in the bush still can't post a picture of my setup until I get home

My 308 mag is loaded with 200gr Dominion rounds I'd put one if these thru the lungs of a moose out to 150 yards the other mag has 150gr bullets for deer
Might want to consider double plugging with that brake. I had a Surefire Pro Comp on my build below which would make your teeth chatter. Much better now with the KX5.

Nice rifle.
Just toying with a couple brakes wont use it for shooting / hunting its actually for another rifle.
I was talking with a fellow in the States with 46.5grs Varget and 155gr VLD bullets he is getting 2520fps with his Rem 700 CP handgun in 308 Win perfect blacktail deer medicine.

How I pack it on my motorcycle.

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Just picked one of these up for hunting. It looks like it will be awesome.

I mounted a 1x6 strike eagle that was doing nothing important on it, and it looks and feels good.

I am also considering getting a short linear compensator to finish it off.

Any recommendations for a linear compensator, and who would have them in stock?
got it to the range today. factory ammo barnes 165gr ttsx 2450 nosler trophy grade 165gr partition 2400. have not done any handloads yet.
I know its wrong but I had to try fitting my 6mm-284 rounds into the 10 round P-Mag today it holds 8 284 cases they slip out of the mag like it was designed for the 284 case.

Which makes me have to ask does anyone know anything about the 30-284 round or know where there is a reamer...

Getting a 150gr to 2600fps - 2650fps from a 12.5" barrel would be super cool.
Just tried fitting my 6mm-284 rounds into my 5 round 308 Win P-mag it to my surprise holds 5 rounds of 6mm-284 ammo
Has anyone received their order from CRAFM? Seeing people have their units and other stores have had them come and go.
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