Remington 700 PCR SB Shorty

What dealers feed off you guys? I tried to look for a list but couldn't find one...

Almost all dealers have an account with us so you shouldn't have any issue find these or having a dealer order one for you.
I suspect that a 12 1/2" .308 with a M-4 type stock might be a bit on the nasty side, as far as recoil goes. Putting on a brake will help with the recoil, but it might be a bit on the rude side when it comes to blast.

While they're short, they aren't light. Put an optic and a full magazine in and you're probably going to be pushing 9lbs which will help with the recoil.

Besides, if it's a standard buffer tube you can always change the stock no?
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If the pricing comes out fair it'd be hard for me to say no to the 223.
Edit: Hmmm now that I see it's a lightweight profile barrel and still THAT heavy, probably not. I think it also only takes MDT magazines rather than PMAGS, etc.
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Not liking this thread, this rifle may put my other rifle projects on hold. This looks perfect for a quad box / truck rifle, and it looks cool too.
I have have a lot of different 308’s tho . 300bo might be something neat to try. But it hard to beat 308 imo for this set up.
12.5" for .308 seems too short?? I have a 16.5 " Ruger compact as one of my hunting rigs, its great but 12.5"?????

It's clearly aimed at the suppressor market in the States... at least in B.C. you could hunt with the .308.

The .223 barrel is to short for BC hunting regulations.
This is non restricted. It's a short barreled rifle done up by Remington specifically for us.

Just a FYI on the 10.5 inch barreled .223, B.C. has a min 12.5 inch (roughly) barrel length for hunting guns.

Not sure what Remington is doing beyond changing out the stock, but maybe you could add a little length to the .223 model?
I have spent a lot of time talking to every level of conservation officer branch about barrel length restrictions for hunting here in BC.

I used to say the same as you but I don't now due to the CO's cannot find any regulation that says we have to have a 12" or great length barrel.

Their only concern is overall length.
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