What gun should Henry make next?

Some of you have already seen that we recently became an Industry Member of this forum, and we're very excited to be here! Just because we're "Made in America, Or Not Made At All," doesn't mean that we don't love our Northern neighbors.

Let's kick this off with an open-ended poll of sorts.

We currently make over 200 different rifles, shotguns, pistols, and an "other". No doubt, there are a lot of different calibers and finishes to choose from, but do we make your ideal firearm?

If you could take over project management for the next big Henry Repeating Arms release, what would you choose to get our talented engineers working on and why? :stirthepot2:
Please make an interchangeable barrel single shot platform, kinda like the t/c pro hunter, but with better styling. So that we can buy a receiver and then fit different rifle/shotgun/muzzleloader barrels for different games.
A mares leg in 9mm would be amazing! With a side loading gate. Also include the standard stock in the package so there is options. I would buy one for sure! (Maybe2)
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- Large loop carbine
- Blue Steel OR Cerakote Black finish
- Synthetic rear buttstock with Aluminum M-Lok fore end
- Ghost Ring sights
- Threaded Barrel with Thread protector.
- Chambered in 9mm / .40 S&W / .45 ACP.

And a nice subtle Canadian Flag laser etched into the receiver.
Glad you are here, welcome! Love 'made in Canada' but the next best thing, 'made in USA'.

I like your X Model line for the look and options for side and tube loading.

The AXE is really interesting, other calibers considered?

Is there 'takedown' in your lineup? TD with a shorter barrel option makes expeditions into the bush that much easier.
I'd like to see a detachable magazine-fed lever action carbine in .44 Magnum - something like the now out-of-production and super rare Ruger 96/44 but with greater capacity options. That would be the perfect bush/bear defence gun for me, especially because of what a nuisance it is to have to cycle all the rounds out of the rifle before getting on my ATV and then having to load the rifle again one round at a time when I get off the ATV (NOTE: As a civilian I can't carry a loaded firearm on a vehicle in Ontario, even if I'm in the bush working or hunting). For a prime example, look at what this ingenious fellow in the UK did with his Ruger 96/44; gave it a custom stock and designed his owned magazines for it:

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As someone who can appreciate the practicality of a levergun but isn't into the cowboy look, I think the X-series is a great direction. Medium loop lever, polymer stock instead of painted wood, tasteful use of MLOK slots and a short rail section in the most relevant positions, a lot of good decisions went into this line.

My only real surprise is you didn't make one in 30-30, which is what I would have gotten if available. As it is, I've got a .357 on order and am anxiously awaiting it.

I'd just like to see more exploration in this line - longer barrels and mag tubes, maybe greater compatibility with aftermarket parts, etc. I think the obvious upgrade to something like the Henry X is is a scout rail that allows for backup irons, and I'm not sure of the compatibility of the XS rails with the Henry.

This is more of an accessory thing, but just about everyone is familiar with easily zero'd AR15-style sights. If you could find a way to incorporate the AR15 front post and rear aperture into a sighting system, I think that would be pretty popular.
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Side gate 6-pos adjustable synthetic stock, first ever pistol grip lever action with M-Lock hand guard in 30-30, 45-70, or pistol calibers. There's currently huge demand for "scary" tactical looking guns that wont get banned because of their action.

Sounds ridiculous but they'd sell here. Look at the demand for marlin dark series up here. They sell out in 2-3 days when they finally get stock.
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