What gun should Henry make next?

One more add on!?

This is dumb.
Whatever it is, make sure it’s a length that can fire 3” .410. (A 3” .410/.45LC mares leg with octagon barrel?). I also like the short lever PCC idea, 7.62x25 Tok? Or 7.62x54r (or other even a .223/.308) in the Russian 1895-like package (ie irons) would be cool. Sign me up!
How about some combination O/U guns.

357 mag/20 gauge
22 Hornet/28 gauge
300 Blackout/12 gauge

The sky is the limit!.......:)
556-223 16” lever action for a reasonable price would sell like no tomorrow are mag fed even better you wouldn’t keep them on the shelf.
I was curious after 42,000 views and no log in of Henry USA since July, I contacted Henry to see what was up.

This was the answer:

Hi John,

Thanks very much for reaching out. It has definitely been a while since myself or our social media manager checked in on the forums, and we will make it a point to do so this week! As you can probably imagine, we have had our foot to the floor across the board as we head into hunting season, holiday season, coordinating record levels of production, and trying to manage the extreme demand that the firearms industry is experiencing at the moment.

That's not saying that the forums aren't important though! We'll be checking in this week.


Dan Clayton-Luce
Communications Director
Customer Service: (866) 200-2354


Hunt with a Henry.

This firearms manufacturer does so much for our shooting sports. CEO Anthony Imperato donates his time, money and rifles to help sick children in the United States.

It warms my heart to see what their company does for children along with the amazing customer service they provide

Thank you Henry USA from all of us Canadian hunters & shooters!.....:)

Thank you Mr. Imperato!
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