What gun should Henry make next?

A Plain Jane Winchester Model 21 with the the same copied internal parts as the original Model 21. For a box lock the Model 21 has comparatively very few parts compared to other boxlocks.
A sold plain stock would cut the price considerably. The guts are the most important part of a gun. Beretta knows that.
I have never owned any Henry rifles because lever action haven't been my thing (If someone gave me one I'd try for sure but that's not the point). If I had my say I'd make a semi auto something Henry never did but that doesn't seem like that kind of company. So I'd say innovate on the lever action.

What's to get better? What would make it yet even more of a go to rifle? I'm guessing larger ammo capacity. If you could find a way to double the capacity, who would complain. So that would be the advice of a non customer.

The Red RydAR Lever-Action AR Rifle comes to mind when I think innovation, but not that I would buy that.

PS. Maybe try different materials like forged carbon.
I'm gonna say the market lacks a good center fire pump action carbine. Alot of boys would love a Timberwolf. You already got the rimfire pump, could expand the line, maybe even a stainless and rubber model for those that like it. I think that fits perfectly into Henry's wheelhouse and a gap in the market.
So with over 53,000 hits on here (unless I missed the post from Henry)?
It would have been nice to see their actually reading these and recognize the huge platform here, by at least posting the newest releases just made, keeps people feeling their some what in the loop and that this is an important feedback tool for them!
Some of you have already seen that we recently became an Industry Member of this forum, and we're very excited to be here! Just because we're "Made in America, Or Not Made At All," doesn't mean that we don't love our Northern neighbors.

Let's kick this off with an open-ended poll of sorts.

We currently make over 200 different rifles, shotguns, pistols, and an "other". No doubt, there are a lot of different calibers and finishes to choose from, but do we make your ideal firearm?

If you could take over project management for the next big Henry Repeating Arms release, what would you choose to get our talented engineers working on and why? :stirthepot2:

Takedown levers. 357/44/30-30/45-70.
A long ranger that can accept AR mags.
Another vote for large caliber side by sides.
Some kind of Lever Action Rifle that accepts PMags or more SASS friendly side gate lever rifles in like 44mag and 357/38.
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