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Thread: Customer review of Tenda.

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    Interested to see how my restricted purchase goes. I will be keeping an eye on the approximate time frame with a phone number handy.

    Reading the reviews here seem overall like good service so I'll keep my hopes up that everything goes through smoothly over the next few weeks or however long the transfer takes. It's too cold out to shoot as of late anyways but it should arrive by the time warmer weather shows up!
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    Ya I feel ya I actually made my first purchase from them 2 days ago had trouble with the check out as well tried 2-3 separate credit cards both with ampal amounts on them it kept getting rejected I actually ended up doing an e_transfer instead

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    One of the best online shopping experiences I’ve ever had as far as buying firearms. Got my restricted within 7 days of ordering and I’m in BC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hooked View Post
    One of the best online shopping experiences I’ve ever had as far as buying firearms. Got my restricted within 7 days of ordering and I’m in BC.
    You lucky bastards. Ontario is take 3-4 weeks for approval and get this, if you start transfers staggered with that time period, each one with go through individually and they won't group your transfers.
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    I ordered restricted Jan 21. Received order Feb 7. I'm in Ontario too. Pleasantly surprised!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevo911_ View Post
    I'm wondering if thats what they did with my order of CCI primers :\
    No phone answer, voicemail is full, sent e-mails a week ago with no reply...
    My first couple orders went off without a hitch though.
    As an update, just got a shipping confirmation/tracking number today, 19 days from order being placed to shipping.
    I suspect now that people have caught on to them and their deals, and people are keeping an eye on their website, they may not be able to keep up with orders? (just speculation on my part)
    It would have been nice for better communication, or faster shipping, but I got a good enough deal as long as I get the stuff within a month I'm not all that concerned (would have been nice to know though).

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    I have placed several orders and received then in a timely matter. I recommended Tenda to friends and they too were please with their service!

    Keep up the great service and awesome lines of guns and accessories!

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    Good to know

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    I recently bought a Sig off these guys. Awesome purchase. Great service. And especially......good prices!!!

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    Have dealt with Tenda lots and never any issues, friendly staff that doesn't feel like they are rushing you.
    Will always go back to Tenda even with an hour drive.
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