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Thread: Customer review of Tenda.

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    That is small business, and they are human, so mistakes could happen. So far my experience was positive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SLToronto View Post
    At last, got to my first disappointment case with Tenda ...
    Two orders, one including 1000 124GR CCI ammo and another placed a couple days later with 1000 UMC 147GR ammo (30 bucks + tax more expensive)
    were sent out in one shipment (3 packages) ..
    Was packing for a range visit and planning to use 147GR, unwrapped packages - turned out, they were contained double of CCI 124GR ammo ... and no UMC ...
    Sent a note to Tenda with photos, waiting for the response ...
    Got a response from Tenda to look inside ...
    MY OWN FAULT ...
    I didn't want to fully open the boxes and both appeared to be factory sealed ..
    Opened one of them - and voila - it's full of UMC 147GR boxes ..

    Wow, so embarrassing...

    Thanks, Tenda ... as always will be ordering my ammo from you ...

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    put my first order with them very pleased with them from ordering to fast shipping will be doing more ordering with them

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    Got a smoking deal on a few tubs of N320, enough for a loooong while!

    Thanks Tenda for the deal and sponsorship of the OPSL LIII's!!!

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    anyone want to buy a Norc 1911 9mm in a bag of grease?

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    SO i ordered a lock and load AP press and a primmer flipper 223 die on July 20. I received my Lock and Lock ap press on aug 4. My primer flipper showed up today aug 28, and i still have not received my 223 dies..
    i have phoned multiple times and i always hear the same thing.. "its coming, its coming", also all of the items i ordered were instock on there website. side note, i live in a major city. not in the bushes.

    Great job Tenda, last time i order anything from you.

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    I had problems with 4 orders from them. 1) i order a Glock 21 and i received a call 2 days after that they oversold and won’t be getting one. 2) I order a Dillon xl650 in .45, 10 days laters it’s not been shipped yet. I called, they don’t have it in stock and they ordered it from the distributor. I needed it fast so i changed the order to a xl650 in 9mm + a conversion kit in .45. 3) i order reloading stuff and dillon parts. I received my order but a toolhead was missing. They wrote on the receipt, backorder will ship later.
    4) i ordered a glock holster and a glock mag pouch with other things. I received a shipping confirmation, than the day after that i receive a partial refund without explanation. The order arrived the next day, the holster was missing. If they would have advised me that the holster was missing, i would have cancelled the matching mag pouch. Contacted them by mail about this, i can send back the mag pouch at my expense or order the holster when it will be back in stock but i’ll have to pay to have it ship. It would be way better to call or e-mail the customer when this type of things happen.

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    +1 delivery in less than a day. Go Tenda!

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    I can say that my experience with Tenda it has been very positive. They are quick to respond to online orders and fast to ship. My problem is not so much with Tenda, as it is with Canpar.
    Sorry for the derail, but I think this is directly related. Seems that Canpar picked my ammunition order, and then used Canada Post for delivery. I see a couple of problems with this...As the shipment was supposed to be via courier, I indicated my physical address for delivery. When the parcel arrived at my local post office, they had to guess, as my box number is not on the packing slip. Luckily, the folk know me there, and corrected the slip. While all this is going on, I’m trying to navigate through Canpars website, looking for my order. Canpar should have notified both Tenda and myself of the change. Canpar should also know better than to MAIL ammunition.
    Sorry for the rant. Will still buy from Tenda, but will confirm shipping methods over the phone next time.

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    My wife purchased a CZ Shadow 2 and a case of PMC ammo online Oct 31. Nov 4 I received an email with their pre Black Friday sale discount codes. CZ 15%. Even though they raised their prices to, I assume msrp, we would have saved $60 on the gun and $20 on the ammo. The gun didn't ship until Nov 2 and it arrived at the Canpar depot Nov 7. We haven't even picked it up yet, haven't had time.

    Today, Nov 9 I phoned to inquire about getting a refund or store credit for the $80. After going around a few times they are standing hard on their no refunds or exchanges after 7 days. I just asked for a store credit on the sale difference and would have used it on a Dan Wesson PM-9 that they had in stock.

    I understand a business interprets their policies as they see fit, but considering what we have spent there in the last year it left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth.

    I can say that I have had no previous issues buying from Tenda in the past, this buying before the sale has happened to me a couple times but was not worth the hassle pursuing.

    I guess everyone has their threshold that they say oh well, missed the sale, $80 and the circumstances were over mine.
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