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Thread: Customer review of Tenda.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinytitan View Post
    alright this is a stupid one to complain about, it states the grade and condition of the Jericho when ordering. You are always rolling the dice with surplus stuff especially online.
    Surplus Grade I condition is quite different than what he described.

    Fact: Tenda doesn't care. I ordered surplus from them before. Result: Fact and Fantasy do not always match.

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    My last experience with Tenda went well. Ordered a scope. Scope arrived quickly via courier. I usually go in and buy, but decided to try shipping this time. When I opened the sealed box, the reticle was misaligned. I emailed them immediately and they responded. Sent pic as was told what to do. Next day (Saturday) went into the store and returned it. Bought another one because I was told that model was sold out. It was an online order- accounting office closed. Accounting had to process the refund on the Monday. Thursday had my refund. Only issue was the scope I originally ordered was back in stock the next day. 🤔 Overall, been happy with them so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gwhysow View Post
    Phone is the way to go. They rarely monitor here as well.
    They seem pretty dialed in to this acpect of their advertising.

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