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Thread: Customer review of Tenda.

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    I find Wen is very helpful during both approaches.

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    Web site phone number

    They should have a PHONE NUMBER appearing on web site!

    Quote Originally Posted by roadcarver View Post
    Give them a call, they always pick up the phone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GILLES2020 View Post
    They should have a PHONE NUMBER appearing on web site!

    They do.

    Under "Contact Us"....just like the majority of store websites on the internet

    here's the link

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    I've only had one purchase from Tenda so far, and wouldn't hesitate for a second to order from them again. Excellent service and they do seem to have very competitive pricing, quite often lowest I can find!

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    My experiences mirror what most people have said. They respond quickly to queries; are very helpful and polite on the phone. Items come well packaged and they got the items shipped quickly. I am in BC. Didn't have to wait to long for my order. Their prices on ProCam bullets are very competitive and they had some 147 gr. 9mm's that no one else seemed to have when I ordered. I will definitely be ordering from them again. My only hope is that they reduce their free shipping purchase requirements. They seem a bit high compared to other businesses.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GILLES2020 View Post
    They should have a PHONE NUMBER appearing on web site!
    The number is on the website - They don't get paid unless you call them with your CC info after the web transaction is completed.

    I've now purchased 3 loads of ammo and a pistol from them - great service, couldn't be happier with the prices.

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    I just dropped in earlier today with my son. While it is a smaller, newer shop, I was impressed by the saleslady's friendly attitude and the fact that it's really geared more to sport shooters.

    I noticed, like others, their very competitive pricing on ammo. Ended up buying a mag loader and those handgun hangers and rifle rods. Good experience. Will go back again.
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    I stopped by late summer specifically as they showed stock on the rifle rods for the safe. As an echo of all the others, it is a small shop but that has never mattered to me as the service is excellent. I keep them very much in mind for purchases in GTA.

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    one of the greatest company to deal with in Canada.

    very satisfied with em, will continue to buy there.
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    Great service and prices. Easy communications, quick shipping. Definitely will deal with again.

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