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Thread: What gun should Henry make next?

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    South Central Ontario

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    9mm lever action

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    Black cerakoted side gate 30-30 20" barrel - traditional rifling. No brass. Basic wood stock. Sub $1k CAD selling price.

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    Big bore lever , 454/ 460 would sell.. I guess you might be able to shoot 45 colt , on sundays.
    Or a 450marlin / 458 win...hahaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mumbles Marble Mouth View Post
    A tube magazine needs a rimmed case to regulate the case when it is released from the tube and how it’s retained in the tube. Look at any firearm with a tube magazine included shotguns. All are a rimmed case. Even the .308 was converted to a rimmed case to make it work in tube mags. That converted case is called the .307win. Unless they made a pistol box magazine lever gun, or they introduce their own pistol cartridge that is a rimmed 9mm, I can’t see any other way to make it work. Introducing their own rimmed 9mm I imagine would just make people ask, “why not just buy a .357?” So box magazine would be the only effective way to make it work. I myself would prefer a proprietary magazine that fits flush or close to flush even if all it held was 5rds. If people wanted more rounds they could introduce larger capacity magazines and since it’s proprietary, they could make it have as many rounds as they want and it would still be legal. I like Glocks but sticking a Glock mag in a Lever gun is just an insult to lever guns.

    Hmmm. It doesn’t seem like a very insurmountable problem to me. Folks come up with some pretty slick solutions to (what would seem to be) bigger firearm engineering challenges than this.

    Could you elaborate on what you mean in more detail on the bolded part above? How does the rim “regulate” it as it leaves the tube? In the video below (Sorry Henry, I couldn’t find a similar video of your rifles, so I went with a Winchester), I don’t see where a rimless cartridge would become a problem. If anything, as it leaves the tube, it would sit even more parallel to the barrel making insertion into the barrel smoother. At least that’s what I’m seeing, but I’m keen to know what I’m missing.

    I get the position in the tube challenge. I think that could be solved by having a slight “serpentine” in the tube as scribbled below. Not that extreme of course, just enough to get the bullet tips off of the anvil in the center of the primers.

    Quote Originally Posted by kodiakjack View Post

    How about this:

    All of the above exaggerated for illustration purposes.

    The “tube” magazine is less tube and more oblong to control the cartridge’s side to side motion, while allowing a little play up and down.

    The magazine would have either have perfectly placed bumps, or crimps pressed into it to force the cartridges to be offset in the same way a rimmed cartridge sits offset in the tube. The offset only needs to be a millimeter or so to get the point off the center of the primer. The plunger would just have cut outs to clear the bumps.

    And Henry... I know you’re listening... if you use this design you gotta send me one of the rifles out of the first batch! :-D ;-)

    The Bee does not squander his time trying to explain to the Fly why honey is better than s**t. Each creature is content with the meal laid before them, so the Bee reserves his endeavor for those who know its worth.

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    non restricted m79
    concealed carry will save lives.

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    38 Special version of the original Henry rifle. (not the Big Boy but the original)

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    I wrote this earlier but I want to elaborate:

    There is only one company that makes a production lever actions in big bore calibers and they are very expensive!!! I will not say their name on here, as not to publicize them on another company’s post. If Henry could make a lever action rifle available in big bore revolver styled calibers and it be highly affordable, I believe you would have a monopoly on the big bore lever action game. The following is a reference of the calibers “that other company” offers along with the starting MSRP:

    1. 454 Casull - $3,049 US;
    2. 460 S&W - $2,849 US;
    3. 475 Linebaugh - $3,699 US;
    4. 500 S&W - $2499 US; and
    5. 500 Linebaugh - $3,699 US.

    I would love to see normal (hard wood With traditional sights) and tactical (x model version) in barrel lengths from 16” to 22”. I also believe they all should be side loading gate models.

    If you can develop and produce a production but high quality lever action in these calibers, with a price of sub $1,500 US, I believe you will open up large bore lever actions to a whole new group of people that would otherwise never been able to afford one. Also, these calibers should not change your designs too much, so they should be a lot cheaper then a complete new design would cost to develop.

    Bring true big bore to the everyday shooter! Make it affordable, make it dependable, make it accurate, and you will have people lining up to get one!!! I would be!!!

    All the best and I hope to maybe be buying a 500 Linebaugh Henry rifle one of these days!!!!

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    model 1897 trench gun with brass reciever would be cool

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    X model in .454 or .460

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