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Thread: What gun should Henry make next?

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    SxS 12 gauge.

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    I think you guys should make some modern transfer bar single action revolvers for sass shooting

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    A light and stainless lever action in .460 or .500SW with a 16" barrel.

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    Make something like a JM Marlin ... Lol any model

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    Trapper lever action carbine in 460 Rowland, so you can also use 45ACP which makes it cheaper to practice with . The only carbine in 460 Rowland that I am aware of is the semi auto TNW ASR.

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    Id like to see a 338 federal and / or a 358 win version of the Long Ranger
    Victori Spolia

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    The ultimate rimfire plinker!!! Semi auto non restricted, chambered in 17. WSM. Make some some high cap mags Like 25-100 rounds.

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    9mm side gate carbine.

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    9mm will take off, my Ruger PC is a blast.

    Once Henry makes the Big Boy X Model in 9mm, I will buy one

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon. View Post
    Don't rain on our imagination parade.
    Marlin's been making .35 Remington lever actions for about 70 years in the 336. Don't recall whether it was continuous or if the predecessor to the 336 was offered in .35.

    Quote Originally Posted by FuddyScent View Post
    Make a 0.45 ACP caliber rifle that takes advantage of the shorter cartridge to shorten the frame and give it the aesthetics of a volcanic carbine.

    Add an integral silencer to make it ideal for home defense in gun-unfriendly jurisdictions.
    Can't have a silencer here, integral or otherwise.

    Quote Originally Posted by greentips View Post
    I am not quite sure a 9mm lever gun with a tubular magazine is practical, because people will be using a lot of cheap pointed round nose FMJ. That i am not sure it is kosher in a tubular magazine, ie in-magazine primer detonation when cartridges are lined up one behind another.

    10mm or 40 S&W are probably better choice, because the 40 cal bullets have flatter noses. It will also hold more ammo than 357/38 spl and pack more punch.
    9 mm FMJ isn't pointed; it's RN. Similar in profile to 30-30. Even if you could find some penetrators that are pointy, I wouldn't worry about it. The 9mm in a rifle won't recoil enough for concern. A 30-30 will recoil over twice as fast with 5 times the energy.

    Quote Originally Posted by OkayShooter View Post
    F the Glock mags. Not everything has to accept Glock mags. I think it would be the ugliest thing next to the Mossberg tactical line lever.

    Why have nice lever action, and ruin it with a 1x2 plastic block of a mag hanging off the bottom? And for it to function. The receiver would need to be longer, so the lever can clear the mag dangling like a unsightful dingleberry.
    I don't think it'll be ugly. For sure a bit different, but that's kind of the point. Why just continue with only variations of what everyone else is doing? Mag fed would be a huge boon for those of us who have to take a quad, bike, tractor or truck out hunting or working and need to be able to load quickly, and then unload when we get back in or on.

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