CZ Bren 2 806 and 807


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The 805 Bren 1 is pretty much dead because the Bren 2 is the replacement. Unfortunately, the guns shown are LE only in the US and there are no civilian versions yet for the US.

No one can really tell how part interchangeable between the Bren 1 and the Bren 2. Obvious differences are the stock , polymer lower and the non-reciprocating charging handle. The 807 Bren 2 in 7.62X39 uses the same lower as the 5.56, which can be converted to 5.56 by inserting a polymer sleeve.

Like the old 805, these guns have the smoothest action and best trigger amongst all rack grade semi automatic I have ever touched. In fact, I don't think Giessele can make a single penny off CZ by the way it goes. I was assured these are not "show" guns, but off the box LE guns.



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The bolt release is inside the trigger guard. How cool is that?!

This could be the perfect NR semi-auto battle rifle for Canada unless it goes prohib like the 805...
The bolt release is inside the trigger guard. How cool is that?!

It's nothing new. The HK G36 and more recently the Bushmaster ACR feature this type of Bolt Release setup, as does the Robarm XCR (L) and (H) - a largely civilian design. What's old is often new again, as good ideas get recycled into "new" designs....
They did not display or had any mag on hand. It is a proprietary mag so there are no hopes for 10 rounders.

Damn, too bad but some yanks I follow on IG have the x39 bren and the mags are AR in style for inserting and the way they look in to the reciever but with a more AK curve and look to then as opposed to an AR x39 mag.
So sick. And slick! I hear the BREN 2 "MS" model is currently in development; I would definitely love to see these land in Canada, since we can't get the SCAR here. And if this platform is as rugged and reliable like in the advertisements, and the price stays low as CZ has stated, it could possibly put the ACR and SCAR platforms out of fashion.

To be realistic, though, it'll probably end up costing ~$3000CAD by the time it gets here - especially if CZ has to make a non-restricted DMR version for us.

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