eotech exps3-0 tan w/ 68 moa ring-1 moa dot-nv-single qd

If you missed the previous posts, they recently won the $26.7mil contract with USSOCOM which they are busy fulfilling.


In addition, they also won the contract for German KSK special unit.


That being said, we should expect restock of the tan units in the next few weeks.
Freshly inspected!!!


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- G4C Sports
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Thanks for the response!


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EOTech XPS2-0 Grey Limited Edition, first ones to arrive in Canada.

Next to Arc'teryx LEAF Alpha LT Gen2 Jacket in Wolf.


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For all the people checking their Eotech sight -> becomes fuzzy, dim and certain location on the lens sight picture, or did not see the sight at all, this has to do with their older mfg process of glueing the lens (the piece that sits directly below the front lens) , over time the heat and extreme cold causing moisture attacked the glue which caused delamination of the lens, allowing gas to escape from the sight.

I just send my 512 A65 to Eotech repair center as directed by Mr. Kroll from Eotech 2 days ago, $199usd damage, mine was mfg 2014 May, so the lens was definitely delaminated due to moisture unglueing the lens. Was told that they would upgrade the electronic as well as using the new mfg parts (rubber seal vs glue?)

The newer Eotech certainly do not have the delamination problem after 2016 mfg date.
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