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The new small Labradar LX unit is in stock and reviews and comparisons are in line. No doubt it is top kit and will be on our site shortly - tomorrow hopefully. Retailing at $799, these units are worth considering.

A nice benefit is that it is warranted while rifle-mounted and we have an inexpensive mount-to Pic rail. Also, made in Canada.

LabRadar LX contains the latest technology for your use. Ideal for measuring the velocity of rifles, firearms, handguns, pellet guns, bows, and crossbows.

Operating at a staggering 60GHz, the design is ultra-compact and portable. The integrated rechargeable battery simplifies its operation, and the new algorithms allow for a smoother, easier use of the device.

  • Compact and portable.
  • Series statistics: Maximum velocity, Minimum velocity, Average, Extreme Spread, Standard deviation.
  • Precise with Subsonic, transonic and hypersonic projectiles.
  • Performs under any light condition.
  • Integrated memory to save your data.
  • Bluetooth to connect to the mobile app.
  • Continuous updates through firmware updates.
  • Aluminium case that’s rugged and protects your device.
  • Internal rechargeable battery


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