What gun should Henry make next?

Burgess Folding Shotgun in 12 ga Please!!

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O'Henry, what have you started..... :)

I was wondering if that Burgess folding shotgun would appear in this thread.
I would like to see a chromed out lever action (including inside the barrel, unsure if your current all-weather models feature this) with a pic rail on top, similar to a Marlin 1895 SS, but because you guys make firearms much better than modern Marlin, I would actually buy yours. Iron sights in the form of a ghost ring set up. I've really enjoyed toying with the idea of your all weather guns but I would like to purchase a side loading rifle.

Side loading (for the traditional calibers) or through a detachable mag in modern calibers (maybe even in 6.5 or .308 like your long ranger)
A tube magazine needs a rimmed case to regulate the case when it is released from the tube and how it’s retained in the tube. Look at any firearm with a tube magazine included shotguns. All are a rimmed case. Even the .308 was converted to a rimmed case to make it work in tube mags. That converted case is called the .307win. Unless they made a pistol box magazine lever gun, or they introduce their own pistol cartridge that is a rimmed 9mm, I can’t see any other way to make it work. Introducing their own rimmed 9mm I imagine would just make people ask, “why not just buy a .357?” So box magazine would be the only effective way to make it work. I myself would prefer a proprietary magazine that fits flush or close to flush even if all it held was 5rds. If people wanted more rounds they could introduce larger capacity magazines and since it’s proprietary, they could make it have as many rounds as they want and it would still be legal. I like Glocks but sticking a Glock mag in a Lever gun is just an insult to lever guns.

Well Remington figured out how to run rimless, pointed rounds from a tube magazine 107 years ago, so I think Henry can figure it out today. Not to mention that .35 Remington is still chambered in lever actions. Your assertion that tube magazines only work with rimmed rounds is patently wrong.
Yup after thinking about it I’ll give a vote to a 500 s&w magnum lever gun too.

- peep/ghost ring
- pistol grip full stock
- 12/16/18/20 inch barrel lengths
- maybe some all weather options (Laminate/synthetic/stainless)
- side loading
- thick recoil pad (for wimps like me)
- threaded barrel
- price under 2k cad
X2: I second the vote for both of these suggestions.

A big boy classic or big boy steel with side gate loading. The model x doesn't really do anything for me. Also a scaled up version of your pump .22 in pistol calibers would be pretty sweet.
I love that your actually asking us, the consumer for in put here in Canada��
One thing for sure, is to have big loop levers available to us without having to import individually, as this adds a $50 bill to the price? Don't you have a distributor who is willing to stock these as a regular item? As all my friends with a Henry want a large loop levers for all there Henry's!!!!

As to new production levers, a 500 S&W would be received well as well as a 9 mm Luger, though this might be hard to produce due to no rim!
I just would like to tell you I love my Henry steel frame 41 mag, it tough,rugged and so very accurate with both plate and lead bullet loads, thanks for producing my dream lever��
Cheers Dale Z, Thunder Bay
It's not really Henry traditional style, but a semi pistol caliber carbine in 9mm, .40, .45 and 10mm in non restricted format. Particularly the larger calibers, something in between the Hi point and TNW for price point. Using commonly available pistol mags. I think there would be a considerable market for a .45 non restricted in the $700-$800 range.
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